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Can we still be Grateful?

    In the world of Energy, opposite and ironic things often fit together and make sense. You can feel Grounded  AND Connected, Peaceful  AND Energized, “Glued” to the Reiki table AND Light and FREE.  In this challenging time in our world and this nation, can we still choose to be Grateful? Do we feel guilty if we

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    Do you know how much I Love YOU?

      LOVE- it is sometimes an overused word, and taken much too lightly. Yet, the word itself carries a Vibration that is Healing whenever thought or spoken with Feeling. When I say every day that I LOVE my work , what I really mean is I LOVE YOU! How can you Love me, you may think… Reiki

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      Managing Holiday Stress

        Managing Holiday Stress 1) SMILE – Increases  Serotonin (feel-good hormone) for you and the recipient! Improves you Immune System and Wellness 2)Meditate – actually changes your brain for increased Happiness. Twice a day for 10 minutes each keeps Cortisol reduced. Deep breathing calms your body and you think clearer. Focus on a word or mantra

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        EXPERIENCE Reiki – YOUR Place of Peace

          Peace ~ It doesn’t mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things, and still be Calm in your Heart. Unknown The Holiday Season is a Wonderful time of Love, Light and Connection. It can also generate a lot

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          Congratulations to ReikiSpace!

            I am so Excited to announce that Reiki by Rickie ~ ReikiSpace & Learning Place has been chosen for the 2015 Readers Choice Award by Harrisburg Magazine Readers in the Category of Alternative Medical Specialist! Thank YOU so much! This is a Wonderful boost for Reiki!

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            Transcribed for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community

              Thanks to my good friend Joyce Edmiston, my recent interview by Amy Kehm on the ABC Channel 27 News program Good Day PA was transcribed Teresa Russ, professional captionist. There will be captions available for the video soon, as well. ABC Channel 27 News An Interview with Rickie Freedman Reiki By Rickie ~ ReikiSpace & Learning

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              Reiki on TV!

                I’m very excited to share the Gentle Touch and Deep Healing of Reiki to a broader audience, as I was interviewed on ABC27 Good Day PA this week. I want everyone to know how Peaceful and Natural this is, so that Reiki becomes a household word! Please listen at: Feel free to Share! Joy and

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                Are YOU Sensitive?

                  Can you sense the emotions/tension when you walk into a room? Do you tend to take on everyone’s “stuff”, and carry the weight of the world on your shoulders? Is everyone attracted to you to share their dramas? Do you tend to feel sad, anxious or angry without any “logical” reason? If you find yourself

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                  Getting Personal

                    Reiki has been a literal life saver/life changer for me. 8 years ago,  my son Ryan chose to transition. He was adopted at 4 days old,  and had a very challenging life. He ultimately was diagnosed with bipolar schizophrenia. We were deeply spiritually connected. He helped me learn in the deepest way the lessons of Unconditional

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                    Rickie Skills

                    Courses and Certifications:

                    • Usui Reiki Master/Teacher
                    • Sekhem-Seichem Reiki Master/Teacher
                    • Chakra Healing & Balancing
                    • Healing with Sound & Music
                    • Fascial Mobilization
                    • Complementary Therapies
                    • Reikiatsu
                    • Hand & Foot Reflexology
                    • Magnified Healing
                    • Practice & Research
                    • ReikiSound

                    I am available to teach Reiki workshops & classes, and Reiki for Healthcare Professionals.

                    Why Choose Reiki?

                    Why Choose Reiki?

                    Reiki is DEEPLY RELAXING! Most people fall asleep or go into a meditative state. Reiki is the quickest way to find this quiet place within, where healing occurs and where you can hear the Inner Messages of your Higher Wisdom.

                    Reiki is an effective STRESS MANAGEMENT tool.

                    Reiki gets underneath to the source of your stress, and melts it away!

                    In addition to physical, emotional and attitudinal healing, Reiki often becomes a path to PERSONAL and SPIRITUAL GROWTH.

                    Reiki is always positive, and heals to your Highest Good and Greatest Joy. Reiki blends with, and facilitates, all other treatments, both traditional and complimentary.

                    Reiki is done FULLY CLOTHED, and for most people, this provides great comfort and safety.

                    Reiki, although very powerful, is VERY GENTLE. It is comfortable and safe for everyone, from newborns to women in their ninth month of pregnancy, to the elderly and those in hospice. 

                    Reiki helps you feel BALANCED, PEACEFUL, and ENERGIZED!