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ReikiSpace Practitioner Program

The ReikiSpace Practitioner Program is a UNIQUE offering for Reiki II or higher students who have received Reiki Training with Rickie!

In addition to being able to offer their own Reiki sessions in a beautiful, fully furnished space, many other resources are provided, including monthly Practitioner Gatherings with education and networking, and many opportunities to offer Reiki at Health Fairs and Wellness events.

ReikiSpace practitioners also receive 1 monthly trade with another for free, as well as discounts on products sold in ReikiSpace. Contact Rickie for details and the Practitioner Agreement.

Dragon Fly Room

Here are some testimonials from ReikiSpace Practitioners:

“I love the Practitioner Program at Reiki by Rickie. The structure allows you to have a professional reiki practice without the costs associated with renting, purchasing or creating a physical location for your business. The other practitioners I would definitely count among my closest friends. We are a family of like-minded people sharing a space and working toward spreading light in our corner of the world.”

— Lisa DiVittore

“Being a ReikiSpace Practitioner is an extraordinarily enriching and fulfilling experience! I have seen more clients, been exposed to more opportunities and have the privilege of offering my services in a beautiful, peaceful, safe and professional space – huge bonuses to also being part of a dedicated group of fellow Practitioners.  Rickie has made me feel like a valuable part of this team right from the beginning, and has been an incredibly loving and giving leader, offering so many events and opportunities for exposure and growth.  Additionally, sharing her experiences and business savvy, and encouraging us to share what we can add to this collective of like-minded people encourages a unique and supportive environment. I am stunned at times that this is offered so freely.  Rickie is overflowing with love and compassion, and as ReikiSpace Practitioners, we receive the full effects of her nurturing nature, as she surely wants us to flourish! So personally – I get to benefit from her professional reputation, her commitment to her life’s work, this wonderful gift that is Reiki, and grow my own practice and knowledge base in the process.  I am so grateful and honored to be a ReikiSpace Practitioner!!”

— Nancy Hogan Depew

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