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Teaching Kids Reiki the “ReikiKids” Way ~

“Reiki is like the warmth of the RAYs (REI) of the Sun, and the KEY (KI) to all the Love in your Heart!”

Rickie Freedman has created a wonderful ReikiKids manual. Inside, Reiki Rickie and Fluffy Puppy help introduce and teach your children and students about Reiki.

Manuals and Baby Reiki Fluffy Puppy super soft stuffies are available for purchase on Amazon (, at Reiki by Rickie ~ ReikiSpace & Learning Place, or by contacting via email at

Rickie Shares a Virtual Workshop with parents, teachers and Reiki practitioners on how to use the coloring manual to share Reiki with your kids. Feel free to contact her with your interest.

ReikiKids Coloring/Activity Manual$12
Your very own “Baby Fluffy Reiki Puppy”$10
Combo of both*$20
Shipping if applicable

*Children will receive the Combo when they attend their ReikiKids class!

Reiki Rickie Reiki Healing Principles Song – Written by Rickie and Performed by our Beautiful ReikiKids!

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