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“Radiating Our Reiki Light”

Radiating Our Reiki Light

Reiki Healing Through Real Stories from Clients, Students, Practitioners and Teachers

  • First Experiences of Reiki
  • Self-Reiki
  • Receiving Reiki
  • Sharing Reiki
  • Living Reiki
  • Distance Reiki
  • Teaching Reiki
  • Couples Reiki
  • Animal Reiki
  • Reiki for Kids
  • Reiki for Teens
  • Reiki Myths and Misconceptions
  • Reiki in Business
  • Healing Grief and Trauma with Reiki

Each section of the book will be accompanied by an introduction and further explanation of that specific topic of Reiki written by internationally acclaimed author, Rickie Freedman.

This is will be the first book of its kind ever published—a book centered on Reiki healing with a “Chicken Soup for the Soul” type structure. The goal of “Radiating Our Reiki Light” is to include stories that will be infused with the Energy and Healing of Reiki.

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About the Author:

Rickie Freedman is a Reiki Master/Teacher, PT, and Certified Holistic Wellness Coach. Her focus is the integration of complimentary wellness with traditional healthcare. Rickie teaches all levels of Reiki classes including “Reiki for Healthcare Professionals”, her trademarked “ReikiKids” class, and conducts numerous workshops including “Stress Management and Reiki”, “Power of a Positive Attitude”, “Choosing Peace in Challenging Times”, “Follow your Heart, AND do it Smart!”, and “Chakra Healing and Balancing”. Rickie is a speaker and author, and facilitates Wellness events and Holistic Travels (“Healing Water Holistic Cruises” and Sedona AZ).

Rickie offers “Follow your Heart AND Do it Smart!!” Mentoring and Coaching for Healthcare Professionals, Holistic Healers, and Small Business Owners who desire to keep Heart and Service first.

Rickie brings a positive, joyous, loving attitude, and a calming energy to all her work, and she’s thrilled to extend this opportunity for a collection of contributing authors to join her in her latest book.

Reiki Light book cover

“Radiating Our Reiki Light” Mission Statement

Sharing Reiki Healing Energy and education through authentic stories of Reiki experiences so that every book will be infused with the intention of Reiki healing for the reader.

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