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Why Reiki?

About Reiki

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Kee) is a gentle, holistic, hands-on energy healing technique for stress management and deep relaxation. It is based on the principles that: 1) Everything alive is made up of energy. It is a scientifically proven fact that down to our smallest cellular level, we are vibrating beings, and More…

Why Choose Reiki?

Reiki is DEEPLY RELAXING! Most people fall asleep or go into a meditative state. Reiki is the quickest way to find this quiet place within, where healing occurs and where you can hear the Inner Messages of your Higher Wisdom. More…

Why Choose Rickie?

Rickie is a REIKI MASTER/TEACHER, the Highest Level in the USUI (original) Reiki System. Rickie is also a PHYSICAL THERAPIST, and therefore has an excellent working knowledge of the body. More…

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