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Why Choose Rickie?

Rickie is a REIKI MASTER/TEACHER, the Highest Level in the USUI (original) Reiki System.

Rickie is also a PHYSICAL THERAPIST, and therefore has an excellent working knowledge of the body.

Reiki is Rickie’s SPECIALTY and GIFT. With Reiki, the more you use it, the stronger it flows.

Reiki is Rickie’s primary service, and therefore it is utilized with intention on a daily basis.

Rickie lives by the REIKI HEALING PRINCIPLES. It is much more than just a healing technique.

Rickie LOVES her work, and brings an attitude of unconditional love, compassion and non-judgment with every client.

Rickie brings many other skills and abilities to her “REIKI BY RICKIE” sessions. She may incorporate massage (including Indian Head Massage, Neck and Back Massage, or Chakra Foot Massage), essential-oil aromatherapy, chakra healing and balancing, and intuitive personal growth guidance.

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