Andrea Spangler

Andrea is a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Weight Loss Specialist, Personal Trainer, Meditation Instructor, Group Fitness Yoga Certified, and Corporate Wellness Speaker.

I had my first Reiki Experience sometime in the early '90's in Berks County and rediscovered it again here in Central PA at "Reiki By Rickie" several years ago. I have been learning a lot about energy this past decade, the different types, and how energy healing is used to heal and help myself and others.

I consider myself a healer and a teacher and look forward to seeing where this journey takes me. Grateful for Rickie and ReikiSpace!

Annette Davis

Annette is a Reiki Master/Practitioner, doTERRA Essential Oils Wellness Advocate, Licensed Zumbini instructor, entrepreneur, and Registered Nurse.

Annette shares Reiki Sessions, as well as AromaTouch - an essential oil application technique using eight therapeutic oils/blends for stress management, immune support, healthy inflammatory response and homeostasis applied to the back, neck, head and feet. This is NOT a massage and Annette is NOT and Massage Therapist. She does offer a Reiki/AromaTouch combo as a 90-minute session, a Reiki 60-minute session, and an AromaTouch 45-minute session

Annette began her Reiki training in 2008, for personal and family support, and incorporated healing touch in her work in healthcare. In 2019, Annette made a conscious decision, from a place of pain and darkness, to be happy everyday and was guided to further her Reiki Training to complete the Master/Practitioner Level. Through Reiki, meditation and essential oils, Annette has overcome daily chronic pain, dis-ease and stress, and has grown in self-love and service to others.

Annette moved to Glen Rock in Southern York County from Maryland a few years ago and has fallen in love with Pennsylvania. Annette's most happy place is out in the woods and mountains. She loves camping, kayaking, hiking and backpacking, especially on the Appalachian Trail. Following a dream of many years, Annette and her daughters recently opened a multi-faceted business in Glen Rock where Annette provides wellness sessions, consults and classes. Her greatest goal in life is to be a spark to the community and a light to the world.

She has four grown daughters and six beautiful grandchildren. Annette has been a caregiver most of her life, even since childhood, and is happiest when sharing her love and light with others

Kristy Ulrich

Kristy Ulrich Overstreet

Kristy is a Reiki Master/Practitioner and Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher, also certified in Reiki Sound.

After 12 years of living with chronic Lyme Disease, along with other health issues, she is now in remission and on a path to complete healing and wholeness. She has become inspired to share her story, passionate about supporting others on their health and personal growth journeys, and grateful to now share her love of Reiki with the world!

In February of 2019 her illness spiraled out of control and left her at a very low point in life. It was shortly after this that she discovered Reiki. She was immediately drawn and amazed by her own body’s energy and the remarkable ability that is held deep within to heal oneself. She knew right away that “this” was what she needed! It became such a relaxing, healing, and uplifting experience.

Since then Reiki has become part of her daily regimen and has ultimately changed the way she lives, and her view of life. It has allowed her to grow and heal not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well.

Lisa DiVittore

Lisa is a Reiki Master/Practitioner. She is also certified in Reiki Voice, Foot Reflexology and in Angel Card/Angel Tarot Card Reading.

Lisa’s interest in Reiki, natural healing and the energy that surrounds us began with her first reiki session. “I was introduced to Reiki at a very low point in my life. That first Reiki session was an emotional release. I was able to begin the process of letting go. Years of stress, anxiety and tension began to fade and allowed space in my life for joy again.”

Lisa now wants to share that joy with everyone. Nothing makes her happier than watching her client’s stress fade away during a session. Lisa’s wish is that Reiki will change her clients’ lives, as it has helped to change her life for the better. “I am a much happier woman and have a better ability to handle life’s challenges, little or big! I love sharing Reiki with others and talking about how the healing energy made them feel after their session.”

Lisa has also added the complementary modalities of Foot Reflexology with a Certification from the Valley School of the Healing Arts, and a certification in Reiki Voice to enhance her Reiki practice. Since seeing Angel cards for the first time at her first Reiki session, Lisa has been drawn to them. “I still have photographs on my phone of the Angel Cards that Rachel drew from the deck before she even met me at my very first Reiki Session all those years ago. I could not believe that the messages on the cards spoke such truth to me.”

Lisa is now certified in both Angel Card and Angel Tarot Reading. She uses her intuition and asks for guidance from the Angels to provide clarity and give a spiritual and uplifting experience with each reading. In addition to her Reiki practice, Lisa writes poetry and takes time for quiet meditation. She loves to learn new things and can often be found at a workshop or with her ‘nose’ in a book.

Mitch Adams

Mitch is a Level III Reiki Practitioner.

His intuitive gifts presented themselves from an early age, and he now uses his over 35 years of experience, as well as 14 years of Reiki knowledge, to help people on their spiritual journey.  He specializes in removing energy blocks that keep people from being in alignment with their soul.

Coming from over 30 years in corporate life and a number of years of senior leadership in business, along with extra-curricular activity, Mitch is very familiar with the stress in today's fast paced world.  His intent is to deliver Reiki as a foundation and lifestyle to manage, nourish, thrive and live fully.

Stacey Smith

Stacey Smith is a Certified Level II Usui Reiki Practitioner

Stacey is a family therapist with over 10 years of experience in the social services field and is now working on obtaining her clinical master of social work licensure. She provides services to families in the local Dauphin County Area using modalities such as acceptance, meditation and mindfulness.  Stacey was drawn towards Reiki as she journeyed through the process of healing from her own trauma and now guides others in finding their own inner strength and confidence to live their best life.

Stacey enjoys connecting to the earth through outside activities such as forest bathing, hiking, rock hounding, and kayaking.  Her happy place is with the trees and often “speaks” to them as they offer the guidance of our ancestors.  She also enjoys practicing Yoga and strives to live by the Zen Yoga philosophies. Stacey is a self-taught tarot and oracle card reader and often uses them alongside Reiki sessions to bring clarity to the session.

Tracey Lencioni-Smith Practitioner

Tracey Lencioni-Smith

Tracey is a Reiki Master/Teacher and a PA State Licensed Aesthetician.

Tracey’s passion lies in healing, encouraging everyone to feel beautiful! She feels the gentle healing energy of Reiki has provided her with the “survival tool” of life. It is her mission to share a philosophy of unconditional love, peace, joy and beauty, encouraging every woman and man to achieve their desires and goals.

A native of the Harrisburg area, Tracey enjoys time spent with family and friends, reading, walking and beach vacations. She also teaches all levels of Usui Reiki and facilitates personal growth workshops and meditations. Tracey strives to make sure that every human being leaves her presence feeling special.

Yolonda Carey

Yolonda is a Usui Reiki II practitioner.

Her journey into reiki began 20 years ago as one of her many hobbies. But after she felt the positive effects of reiki in her life she wanted to share it with friends and family. Yolonda has always had a passion for helping others and find it humbling to witness the melting away of stress and anxiety that reiki provides on her clients.  As a reiki practitioner Yolonda is eager to share her ministry with others who are seeking balance, peace and since of well being.

As a native of Kentucky, Yolonda moved to the Harrisburg area many years ago. She is married and has 3 daughters and loves to share reiki with them and her animals. Her other interests include reading, singing Opera, and being an initiate of the Modern Mystery School which embodies an ancient tradition of service, compassion and empowerment.

Rickie Skills

Courses and Certifications:

  • Usui Reiki Master/Teacher
  • Sekhem-Seichem Reiki Master/Teacher
  • Chakra Healing & Balancing
  • Healing with Sound & Music
  • Fascial Mobilization
  • Complementary Therapies
  • Reikiatsu
  • Hand & Foot Reflexology
  • Magnified Healing
  • Practice & Research
  • ReikiSound

I am available to teach Reiki workshops & classes, and Reiki for Healthcare Professionals.

Why Choose Reiki?

Why Choose Reiki?

Reiki is DEEPLY RELAXING! Most people fall asleep or go into a meditative state. Reiki is the quickest way to find this quiet place within, where healing occurs and where you can hear the Inner Messages of your Higher Wisdom.

Reiki is an effective STRESS MANAGEMENT tool.

Reiki gets underneath to the source of your stress, and melts it away!

In addition to physical, emotional and attitudinal healing, Reiki often becomes a path to PERSONAL and SPIRITUAL GROWTH.

Reiki is always positive, and heals to your Highest Good and Greatest Joy. Reiki blends with, and facilitates, all other treatments, both traditional and complimentary.

Reiki is done FULLY CLOTHED, and for most people, this provides great comfort and safety.

Reiki, although very powerful, is VERY GENTLE. It is comfortable and safe for everyone, from newborns to women in their ninth month of pregnancy, to the elderly and those in hospice. 

Reiki helps you feel BALANCED, PEACEFUL, and ENERGIZED!