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Amanda Pendleton

Amanda is a Reiki Master/Practitioner, dedicated to the art of energy healing to promote balance and well-being.

As a seasoned special educator, Amanda brings her passion for creating inclusive spaces that cater to diverse needs into every experience. Her goal is for you to feel safe to be uniquely who you are – and to get what you need!

Amanda began her journey with Reiki through a gifted sample session with Rickie. Ten minutes and a breakthrough grounding later, Amanda was hooked! What first began as a support to relaxation has been become a way to process life’s ups and downs, manage stress, connect with others, and to simply feel better.

As a behavior analyst, Amanda brings into her practice a love of understanding why we do what we do and how to create more of the life we want in simple, concrete ways. Amanda has immersed herself in trauma-informed practices/care and is currently pursuing a certification as a Trauma-Informed Professional. Amanda’s intent is to provide a safe and nurturing space for healing, learning coping strategies, and using tools to navigate life’s challenges.

In addition to special education consultation and her Reiki work, Amanda also works with a nonprofit, supporting those who live with autism with technology. In her free time (after all of that!), Amanda also finds joy in belly dance, pottery, traveling, having more plants than she can count, socializing, superheroes, and her cat named Loki.

Caitlyn Willis

Caitlyn is a Reiki Master/Practitioner who is also certified in Angel Light Weaving.

She is a registered nurse that has worked in both women’s health/ newborn care and orthopedics.  Caitlyn has studied mediumship under the tutelage of Richard LaRocco.  If guided by her Spirit team, as well as with your permission, she will discuss messages that may have come through during your Reiki session.

Caitlyn’s journey with Reiki began when she was working as a travel nurse for a hospital system that integrated Eastern medicine along with Western medicine for their patients.  She had already been utilizing alternative medicine for herself due to decades’ long health problems, including Celiac disease.  She was guided to start receiving Reiki sessions and subsequently began studying with Rickie after several life changing events.

Caitlyn is grateful for the many ways that Reiki has changed her life: lessening of her anxiety and gaining more peace and focus, as well as having another route of helping others through her calling as a healer.  She looks forward to where else Reiki may take her, the connections she makes, and what other expansions of her gifts that come her way.

When not working, Caitlyn enjoys reading, running her crochet business, writing, spending time with friends and family—including her two rescue cats, and exploring new places.

Elaine McFadyen

Elaine is a dedicated and compassionate Reiki Master Practitioner who is committed to promote healing, balance and well-being through the ancient art of Reiki. Elaine is also certified in ReikiVoice as well as attuned in Angelic Light Language to enhance her Reiki Sessions. She is TM Meditation trained, as well as a certified yoga instructor (200 hour RYT).

Elaine’s Reiki Journey developed over a period of time, becoming attuned as a Reiki Master in 2015. While she attended Reiki shares as well as practiced Reiki with family members, life with two children athletes rightfully took priority. Fast forward to 2022, both her and her husband experienced serious medical events. Early in the year, her husband suffered his medical issues and just months later Elaine was diagnosed with cancer in the late 2022. Her treatments began in January 2023, and she was immediately drawn back to Reiki. During these life events, Elaine remembered how much it helped with calming the body, mind while reducing stress, as well as facilitating the healing process; physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Elaine truly believes that the combination of Reiki and her daily meditation practice had and still have a tremendous effect on the benefits of her treatment and recovery afterwards. She has learned that while Reiki can be subtle, it truly is powerful in the way it helps to heal. She lives her days with much more balance, clarity and awareness which help her to focus on maintaining her overall well-being. It is her truest heartfelt desire to share all that she has learned with her clients to help them experience deep relaxation, stress reduction, pain relief and enhanced overall well-being.

Elaine is very grateful to Rickie for her mentorship, and extremely happy to be practicing at ReikiSpace. Elaine is originally from the Reading/Berks County area and subsequently raised her children in the Boyertown area. From 2017 through 2023, Elaine and her husband moved several times; living in TN, NY and CT. They have finally moved back to PA and while central Pa is another “new” area to reside in, it definitely offers the creature comforts and familiarity of “home”.

Jennifer Wagner

Jennifer is a compassionate and perceptive Reiki Master/Practitioner. Her nurturing touch and intuitively guided gifts assist individuals in connecting to a deep restorative space within.

Jennifer’s involvement with Reiki began during a demonstration at a wellness show in which she experienced an immediate sense of peace and relief, inspiring her to explore Reiki as a powerful tool on her own journey of healing from childhood wounding.  She has been in recovery for over 20 years, using personal therapy and shadow work, group work, recovery fellowships, and various yoga practices to support her along the way.

She feels called to provide a nurturing restorative space for others. She has experienced Reiki as a sacred journey and Jennifer is drawn to be an ally to those with unmet childhood needs and wounding.

Jessica Fiscus

My name is Jessica Velez Fiscus, Owner of Reiki Wellness.

I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and a Medical Reiki Master.

My Reiki Journey began over ten years ago at ReikiSpace. I became a Reiki Master/Teacher in September of 2015 and have devoted my life to serve humanity ever since.

I am the author of "Petals from A Fallen Rose" and a contributing author in "Radiating Our Reiki Light".


Karen East

Karen has been working in the wellness industry for 16 years and is a Certified Personal Trainer, eRYT, Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher, Holistic Life Coach, and Reiki Master/Teacher

Along the path she has found healing through holistic methods and creative practices to live a more balanced life. It is her calling to guide others towards this experience as well. Karen works with clients to find joy through a combination of the energetic and physical bodies.

In addition to managing the House of Yoga in York, PA, she leads a variety of workshops, retreats, and other events.
Find the latest on her website:

Kristin Jenko

Kristin is a Reiki Master/Practitioner with a passion for working with parents, families, and professionals who want to break free from burnout and restore balance in their lives.

Kristin began studying Reiki as a way to support her child with special needs. She found its benefits had such a positive impact on her whole family, including her own healing, that she is inspired to share the experience of Reiki with other parents and individuals to support healing and personal growth.

As a parent who has worked in the fast-paced corporate world with a focus on social responsibility and sustainable impact for the last 15 years, Kristin knows the power of incorporating Reiki as a ritual self care practice.

She is excited to share Reiki with others, whether they are looking for a powerful personal transformation–or simply to feel relief from stress or physical discomfort. Kristin is also studying to become a TRE provider, which is a somatic practice that focuses on relieving tension, trauma, and stress.

Kristin is grateful for the opportunity to join ReikiSpace and also to Rickie for her mentorship. Reiki is a beautiful practice and a way to bring balance and peace to your everyday life!

Lisa DiVittore

Lisa is a Reiki Master/Practitioner. She is also certified in Reiki Voice, Foot Reflexology and in Angel Card/Angel Tarot Card Reading.

Lisa’s interest in Reiki, natural healing and the energy that surrounds us began with her first reiki session. “I was introduced to Reiki at a very low point in my life. That first Reiki session was an emotional release. I was able to begin the process of letting go. Years of stress, anxiety and tension began to fade and allowed space in my life for joy again.”

Lisa now wants to share that joy with everyone. Nothing makes her happier than watching her client’s stress fade away during a session. Lisa’s wish is that Reiki will change her clients’ lives, as it has helped to change her life for the better. “I am a much happier woman and have a better ability to handle life’s challenges, little or big! I love sharing Reiki with others and talking about how the healing energy made them feel after their session.”

Lisa has also added the complementary modalities of Foot Reflexology with a Certification from the Valley School of the Healing Arts, and a certification in Reiki Voice to enhance her Reiki practice. Since seeing Angel cards for the first time at her first Reiki session, Lisa has been drawn to them. “I still have photographs on my phone of the Angel Cards that Rachel drew from the deck before she even met me at my very first Reiki Session all those years ago. I could not believe that the messages on the cards spoke such truth to me.”

Lisa is now certified in both Angel Card and Angel Tarot Reading. She uses her intuition and asks for guidance from the Angels to provide clarity and give a spiritual and uplifting experience with each reading. In addition to her Reiki practice, Lisa writes poetry and takes time for quiet meditation. She loves to learn new things and can often be found at a workshop or with her ‘nose’ in a book.

Mitch Adams

Mitch is a Level III Reiki Master/Teacher Practitioner.

His intuitive gifts presented themselves from an early age, and he now uses his over 35 years of experience, as well as 15 years of Reiki knowledge, to help people on their spiritual journey.  He specializes in removing energy blocks that keep people from being in alignment with their soul.
Coming from over 30 years in corporate life and a number of years of senior leadership in business, along with extra-curricular activity, Mitch is very familiar with the stress in today's fast paced world.  His intent is to deliver Reiki as a foundation and lifestyle to manage, nourish, thrive and live fully.

Mitch, also manages the Spirit Guide Workshops and individual sessions within ReikiSpace and Learning Place.  This workshop will teach you about the many different types of guides that are available to you, help you to create a sacred environment to begin to communicate with them and give you some simple rituals to welcome their energy forward.

Recently, he has added a life-long dream of completing the Level 1-3 Psychic Mediumship and Intuitive Development.  This platform helps him help his clients find a deeper peace and calmness.

Rev. Rachel Schwab

Rev. Rachel Schwab, or “Revmom” is an ordained pastor in the Presbyterian Church (USA) denomination since 1999 - she is currently weaving her callings together Ministry and Reiki .

She has her BA/BS in Communication/Elementary Education from Loyola University of Chicago, and Master of Divinity from McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago. She became a Level 3 Usui Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher in 2021. Rachel also received her Certificate of Trauma and Spiritual Care in 2021.

Rachel grew up in Chicago, IL, and since her ministry began over 20 years ago, has served churches with her husband, Rev. Chris Schwab. In addition to Reiki, Rachel is one of only three Practitioners of “Reiki Mobilization”. Reiki Mobilization combines the healing, gentle touch of reiki and several physical healing modalities - all done energetically. This combined technique focuses attention on physical pain, working to relieve congested areas of the body. The practitioner begins by energetically working at the root of the spine and visualizing opening up the stuck energy to then relieve pain . The reiki continues to move through the receiver, relaxing the whole body in a non-invasive way.

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