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I had the pleasure of hearing Rickie Freedman speak at the 2016 Mid Atlantic Reiki Conference.  Rickie shared with the audience of Reiki practitioners her method for creating a successful business.  Rickie speaks from the heart, with humor and warmth.  Offering very practical insights into the business aspects of owning and operating a service based business, Rickie also shared information about ethics, and always operating from a place of doing the highest good.  Rickie is an excellent speaker who takes the time to listen to, and respond to audience questions.  I’m looking forward to my next opportunity to hear Rickie Freedman speak. J. M.


Rickie Freedman is an amazing motivational speaker. She really brings the light into the room and graces the audience with her captivating energy. She is a driven business woman who has successfully manages her own wellness center and improves the lives of so many in Central Pennsylvania. Through her motivational sessions, Rickie has helped to better myself, my business and my entire team by improving our self-awareness, attitude and accountability. We are thankful for the powerful Reiki that Rickie has brought to our area.


Melissa McFarland, DVM owner Cape Horn Veterinary Associates in Red Lion, PA. 

I have been to numerous presentations given by Rickie Freedman, as well as many meetings over which she has presided. Rickie is very positive and calm, and this comes out when she speaks. The audience is immediately put at ease, and therefore can focus on the presentation. Because of Rickie’s positive outlook and knowledge of what she is presenting, the audience always leaves with new ideas and smiles on their faces. Rickie Freedman would make an excellent speaker for this event.


I was fortunate to attend the Mid Atlantic Reiki Conference in November, 2016, wherein Rickie Freedman presented “From Passion to Profession – Yes You Can!” before a large group (more than 100) of Reiki practitioners of all levels.  Her professionalism and fluidity showed an expertise and true passion for this subject, which reached the audience at all levels represented.  The information was relevant to me personally, and I found it to be the most beneficial session of the convention.  Additionally, there were questions asked that were not relative to the purpose of this presentation, but actually provided a moment to shine brighter as Rickie exhibited poise, composure, and heartfelt love in her responses that also directed the presentation back to the heart of the subject.  The delivery throughout the discussion was consistently informative, valuable, joyous and loving, and it was an honor to watch a professional engage an audience in such a manner. ND



Thank you for yesterday’s healing session. I slept for 9 straight hours and feel just great. My body feels light and open. What a wonderful session, and so beautiful. My creativity is peaking today. You have accepted the Spirit’s gifts fully; and I have no question that I want to learn from you. For me to select a teacher at this stage means that I honor your wisdom and depth, and accept your teaching.

R.H. — Harrisburg PA

The last session we did has had an amazing effect on me. I’m still feeling its wonderful calming, healing effects. The many chores I had to do for Christmas were done with ease, joy and totally stress free. Everything fell into place naturally… and consequentially enough, I had a really good holiday. I can’t thank you enough.

T.H. — Harrisburg PA

My sessions with Rickie have helped me tremendously with stress management and overall improved physical/emotional health. Reiki has become an integral part of my life. As day’s becomes increasingly stressful/difficult, each of us needs an oasis of peace – this is a spa treatment for the spirit!!

F.P. — Harrisburg PA

Thank you so much for the beautiful experience last Saturday at Reiki 3b, and for being you. I feel so honored to have you for a teacher. You are such a beautiful light in this world, and I really appreciate you.

C.S. — Lebanon PA

Our last session together absolutely changed my life.

I hope there is more in store.

J.M. — Lewisburg PA

I totally enjoyed your workshop. Your workshop was enlightening and I was amazed how it touched something inside me…I felt it was something that I had been searching for, for a long time.

S.C. — Harrisburg PA
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