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Are YOU Sensitive?

Are YOU Sensitive?

April 26, 2015

If you find yourself shaking your head “YES” to these questions, then YOU may be Sensitive! Sensitivity has it’s Gifts and it’s Challenges, and lots of Sensitive people are attracted to Reiki. Reiki is what I have termed an EMS- Energy Management System. One of the Unique things about Reiki as form of Energy work is that you NEVER have to take on anyone else’s stuff, and you NEVER have to give away any of your personal energy. Reiki is very Heart Centered and Connected. You learn how to build your Light. When you enter with your Light shining, there is no fear and no need for “protection”. Anything less than Light can be Healed by your Light, or go away.

One of the first things you learn in a Reiki l Class is Self-Healing. You can connect to the Higher Frequency Healing Energy all around us and fill yourself up everyday! When you to choose to share Healing from this filled-up place, the Energy will flow through you and not from you! It will feel Wonderful and Healing to you also.

As you move forward on the Reiki path, you will learn how to tap into your Intuitive abilities consciously AND how to stay Grounded. When you are Grounded, you will feel stable and balanced, and more able to handle the challenges around you. You can share your Gifts with the world and still feel Peaceful and Energized.

Sending Reiki Healing your way….Rickie



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