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March 19, 2018
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The Reiki Healing Principles are the “how to” manual of LIVING Reiki.  They are an invitation to love life………… and to live a life of love.

The Principles are ingredients to the” Reiki recipe”, naked and simple, yet food for a lifetime.  As the layers of my life are revealed, the personal relevance of the principles shift. The buffet is always open, I honor my appetite and it’s needs.

Each principle offers a unique tool for this purpose.  My current working principle is “Just for today, I release all worry”.    Since childhood I shouldered all of the darkness, isolation, anger and pain that came with worry and the desire to control others, letting it define and crush me.   About two years ago, I learned through the gift of crisis that worry is nothing more than a leak in my energy field, a waste of precious time, and left unchecked, ultimately lethal………………But only if I choose to engage it.

Worry is predicated on a false voice, that tells me that I can control what happens in the future, that I know what is best for others, and furthermore can convince them of the right action.  I know now that this is wholly false.  When I forget and slip into that place, I need only remind myself and I am transported back to a place of light.  I am a very practical person, so there is no more worry because it cannot coexist with my belief in its impotence.  Yes, there is sadness, grief, love, happiness and all that life brings……but there is little or short- lived worry.

Now that I know what NOT to do, I am currently meditating on the positive/action/sister statement to this principle, “Just for today, I choose faith”. So………………. it turns out that just leaving others to their own devices is not quite enough! That step gave me peace and respite, but then what? I wanted proof that this would bring good results!

This is when trusting the universe became part of my journey.  I have been shown time and time again through synchronicities that the path is unfolding as it is meant to – I know now that life is a series of challenges, victories, disappointments, change, love, death, ……….and you never “get there”, to some permanent state of painless bliss.

I can’t know in the moment why a challenge or tragedy is part of my story.      But I have a deep faith that although I may not understand how a set of circumstances will fit into the tapestry of my life, there will come a time when I will look back and reflect on its intricate wholeness.

This process of faith in the Universal plan has also taught me that healing is contagious   It truly emanates out and touches other souls, often without words.   And the healing energy radiating from another’s light is available to me.  A soul connection built on this concept is like no other,  the embodiment of peace.

Recognizing and understanding faith and synchronicity has brought such peace, happiness, night time messages from my guides, love laughter, beautiful friends……..……..  And the more I listen, the more I receive.  I am learning a new appreciation for detail, and to hear what my soul is saying.  I am seeing healing around me,  the awakening of  sleeping souls in the absence of advice, recommendations, control.

Just for today………..I  CHOOSE FAITH.


Melissa Nuschke is a Reiki Master, and holds certifications in Reiki Sound and Reiki Voice.  She is also a Registered Nurse.  Melissa has been on a spiritual journey all of her life….and discovering the Reiki way of living feels like “coming home” at last!    Finding her authenticity through Reiki has deepened and expanded Melissa’s  voice and her lifelong writing passions, which she now feels called to share with others.

In addition to Reiki, Melissa loves nature, animals, music and piano.

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“Spring Refresh With The 5 Reiki Precepts” by Guest Blogger Nancy Hogan Depew

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Spring is almost upon us – a great time to refresh and renew!  With this in mind, let’s revisit the 5 Reiki Precepts, or Healing Principles.  Fundamental and foundational, as a Practitioner I ruminate on each of them daily.  I believe that anyone can use these, Reiki or not, as positive guiding principles.  With any sort of sort of growth, there is a learning curve ~ with practice they really do become second nature!  Here are the precepts, along with my ways of incorporating them, simply, into my daily life:


Just for today, I release all worry

Just for today, I release all anger

Just for today, I earn my living with integrity

Just for today, I honor every living thing

Just for today, I show gratitude for all my many blessings



“What If” – UP

We all “what if” ourselves when thinking about something new, or as a means to deny ourselves an opportunity that we are too scared to leap towards.  However – what if you what if UP?  When you find yourself asking things like “what if I fail,” “what if they don’t like me,” “what if I end up lonely and afraid?” – force yourself to what if UP instead.  “What if I succeed,” “what if I am accepted just as I am,” “what if I realize that I am enough, and I am fierce?” 


“Just for today, I release all worry”



3 Deep Breaths

I start every Reiki session with this statement and actually use this myself quite liberally throughout the day.  If I am stressed over a situation or deadline, I think and do – “3 deep breaths” and consciously release the anxious feelings and am able to re-center.  With that last exhale – whew! – I am usually ready to tackle the next challenge, but if I am not, I do it again.  This activity takes mere moments, but the positive effects last much longer. 


“Just for today, I release all anger”



Working in Integrity

How many folks can say they love all of their co-workers and everyone gets along great in a happy and productive environment?  Some lucky people, for sure, but regardless of workplace we have complete control over our own integrity.  This concept has proven to be a guiding principle, and a real centering point in my traditional work day.  If I feel slighted and desire to fire off an email to the perceived offender, taking them to task for (real or imagined) injustice, I ask myself, “how will this serve me and does it validate my working in integrity?”  It is akin to hitting a self-pause button.  It is incredibly important to take a moment, reflect, and continue on in your path of awesomeness, integrity intact.  You are worth it!!


“Just for today, I earn my living with integrity”



Practice Kindness Everyday

A simple “thinking of you” text to a friend you have not talked with in a while; a short email to a co-worker, thanking them for changing out the water in the cooler; a genuine, heart-felt smile delivered to a complete stranger – these are incredibly meaningful gestures that take so little time and give so much pleasure to others.  “The best things in life are free,” so what does it cost to share these small acts of kindness?  A moment of your time equals an impact that is immeasurable.  Think about how these acts, if treated upon you, would make you feel – and treat others to that feeling!   


“Just for today, I honor every living thing”



Finding Silver Linings

There is a famous saying along the lines of “there is always, always something for which to be grateful.”  Additionally, an attitude of gratitude has really become popular, and isn’t that a wonderful thing ~ when something healthy and helpful is also in style?   I am working on material to conduct a Gratitude Journaling workshop, and I know several folks that offer these already.  But isn’t it so difficult to be grateful all the time??  Sometimes, the challenges we face can feel overwhelming.  Looking for the silver linings and turning it around, even in small amounts, is key.  After the pain comes the lesson and eventually, the growth.   The journey we are on can have severe curves – by practicing finding silver linings (not just looking for them), your ability to locate the positives becomes easier, even second nature, and then it becomes so easy to appreciate your blessings.


“Just for today, I show gratitude for all my many blessings”



These are all active practices that require some effort, and a little time.  I can say without reservation that these guiding principles make life so much less complicated!  After practice becomes second-nature, it is a matter of remembering to use the tools that we pick up along the way to live our best life!  I wish for you an open heart and open mind, for your greatest good and highest joy!! 

Nancy Hogan Depew is a Reiki Master-Teacher, proudly practicing at ReikiSpace!  Catch her there for heart-centered services including Reiki sessions, classes & attunements and workshops!  More information and future blog entries can be found on her website,


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The Day that Reiki Saved my Life

February 18, 2018
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I am the mother of two adopted boys. I was Blessed for them to come into my life only 11 weeks apart from one another. I went from experiencing years of infertility, to having a 4 day old and an 11 week old at the same time! I was never happier.

My oldest boy, Ryan, was later diagnosed as bipolar schizophrenic, and after trying desperately to  find his identity, and seeking inner peace and Love, he made the choice to leave this world at 20 years old. I was literally heartbroken.

I had learned Reiki and created a Reiki practice several years prior. I had no choice but to return to work quickly, as I had my other son, Ron, to care for. My clients knew me very well, and knew what had happened, and I cried through many sessions as the Reiki flowed through and helped to heal me each time.

I very distinctly remember walking into my Reiki room the first time still very sad, and struggling just to keep putting one foot in front of the other. As I entered the room, the Reiki Healing Principles literally came right in front of my face and spoke to me. They said ” Are these just words, or are you really going to Choose to live by this”. I KNEW in that moment I had choice to really LIVE or just  exist as a victim. Those Reiki Healing Principles saved my life!

I also received the guidance that I would be sharing a workshop called “From Grief to Gratitude”. It took me 5 years to be ready to share Ryan’s story. It has helped heal many others, and helps heal me more and more every time I do.

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EXPERIENCE Reiki – YOUR Place of Peace

December 1, 2015
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Peace ~ It doesn’t mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things, and still be Calm in your Heart. Unknown

The Holiday Season is a Wonderful time of Love, Light and Connection. It can also generate a lot of stress, especially for successful busy Business women trying to wear our many hats. This can be challenging enough on a day-to-day basis, but now there are gifts to choose and wrap, family events to attend (not to mention complex family dynamics), and the stirred-up emotions dealing with the frenetic energy which abounds everywhere this time of year.

Reiki can be a way to keep yourself “Filled-Up”, so that when you choose to share your precious time and energy with your friends, family and co-workers, you do so from a Healthy and Loving place, rather than becoming drained, burned-out or resentful.

Reiki is a Natural, Holistic Hands-On Healing technique which is very Gentle and Deeply Relaxing. It is primarily for reducing  stress, promoting Balance, and restoring Inner Peace. It is shared fully-clothed on a massage-type table. Within the course of an hour, people typically feel their stress, and the underlying sources, simply melt away. It is also very energizing, and after their sessions, my clients report increased creativity and productivity. Their energy is calm and focused as they move forwards with their busy days and lives.

Reiki can work physically, assisting with both pain issues and muscle tension. It also works deeply at the  mental/emotional level releasing what no longer serves you, as you are ready. It helps you feel connected, and is unconditionally accepting and non-judgmental. Additionally, you can learn self-Reiki which is a practical tool in your own hands whenever you are feeling anxious or having trouble sleeping. You can share Reiki with your family and pets. Moving forwards on the Reiki Path means “Living Reiki”. You become conscious of how the energy of all your words, thoughts, attitudes and emotions affect your own well-being as well as everyone around you. Although life will always continue to have its challenges, you can learn to bring yourself back to your place of Inner Peace easier and quicker.

In alignment with the Reiki Healing Principles, here are my wishes for you throughout the Holidays and into the upcoming New Year:

May you REMEMBER what you Love, what Sparks you, and brings you endless, timeless Joy. May you Consciously Create more time for these things in your life.

May you Forgive yourself and others for the sake of Peace.

May you remember that we are ALL doing the Best that we can with the Knowledge, Wisdom and Experiences we bring to this moment. This will allow you to see with the eyes of Compassion.

May you know how precious your Energy is, and Choose Loving and Peaceful words, thoughts and attitudes every day. May you attract the same.

May you remember that life’s challenging people and situations are a GIFT helping you learn and grow in ways that you wouldn’t/couldn’t have chosen on your own.

May you find the Perfect Balance of Quiet Introspection, Service, Connection, Laughter and PLAY.

May you Receive your Heart’s Desire, and most importantly, may you KNOW that you are Worthy and Deserving of Receiving.

May you continue to be of Loving Purposeful Service Always.

May you keep things in Perspective and Remember to BREATHE.

May you Feel the Peace, Contentment and Joy Within You.

May you remember that we NEED each other. Allow yourself to be Vulnerable and Receive, for this allows others the Joy of Sharing too.

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Reiki on TV!

July 19, 2015
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I’m very excited to share the Gentle Touch and Deep Healing of Reiki to a broader audience, as I was interviewed on ABC27 Good Day PA this week. I want everyone to know how Peaceful and Natural this is, so that Reiki becomes a household word!

Please listen at:

Feel free to Share!

Joy and Namaste’, Rickie

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Getting Personal

April 22, 2015
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Reiki has been a literal life saver/life changer for me.

8 years ago,  my son Ryan chose to transition. He was adopted at 4 days old,  and had a very challenging life. He ultimately was diagnosed with bipolar schizophrenia. We were deeply spiritually connected. He helped me learn in the deepest way the lessons of Unconditional Love and acceptance. My world was literally turned upside down.

I distinctly remember walking into my Reiki Room very soon after and the Reiki Healing Principles coming to me face to face.  They “spoke” to me and said “Are these just words,  or are you really going to choose to live by these?” I knew in that moment that I had a choice whether to really live or just exist. Society would have given me every excuse to be a Victim,  but that was not my choice. It also came to me that I would be offering a Workshop entitled “From Grief to Gratitude”. It took me 4 years to be ready,  and I have now shared that workshop 3 times. Reiki helped me move forwards in a Healthy, Positive, Open-Hearted way, and use my personal experience to help others.

I Love that Reiki is simple.  It is easy to learn. It is a way to choose to BE in the world, living consciously aware of the energy of your thoughts, words and attitudes. I Love that I don’t need to (or get to) decide what happens in Reiki. It is always for the Highest Good and Greatest Joy in every moment. I Love that it is empowering,  so you always have something Positive and Loving to offer in every situation whether it is about you,  across the world,  or even in another time. I Love that there is no competition,  so everyone ends up with the exact right teacher and Healer for them, based on resonation.

I absolutely Love sharing Reiki with others with my hands,  my words,  and my entire BEing.  Reiki is Unconditional,  non-judgmental Love. A Gift. Namaste ‘


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Fast Food Reiki anyone?

March 5, 2015
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We live in a fast-paced, fast-food world. One of the many things I LOVE about Reiki is the reminder to stay Present and BE. No ruminating over the past, no worries about the future- just BEing in a place of Trust that all is in Perfect order. Remembering in the midst of challenges that they are for our growth, and that in retrospect we will Know their purpose in the Grander scheme of things. It is so important for our Balance to create the Gift of Honoring ourselves as a priority by allowing the TIME to do self Reiki and meditate on the Reiki Healing Principles every day.

There is, of course, no time in the energy realm, but we we need to live and function on this earth. It is very easy to get so absorbed in day-to-day routines and distracted by life’s details. We often forget to make time to even Breathe deeply filling ourselves with precious life-force Healing Energy. Healing is a process- levels, layers and spirals. Deep, juicy and delicious, although not always fun or easy. It is the path to our Enlightenment and getting to the Source of our Healing so that we don’t need to keep being presented with the same lessons over and over in different forms with different faces.

This is what allows us to be a Healing presence for others. It is always about Service. Loving Service from a Healthy, filled-up place. No draining, no resentment- our Choice.

Some students (and teachers) want the faster road, shorter path, less expensive path. There is no one right answer for everyone. Be clear with your intentions. Choosing a Reiki master, and especially a teacher is a very important decision. It is a forever connection. Be sure that you Resonate with their energy, their words, and their philosophies. Being a Reiki master is way more than just learning how to share attunements, it is way more than a piece of paper that says you are. It is choosing to Live in Conscious integrity with the Reiki Healing Principles- Living and Sharing Reiki with your entire BE-ing. It isn’t about Perfection or there would be no teachers- it is about the constant Loving work of clearing away all that masks your TRUE SELF. A never-ending process. No rush, slow down and digest it slowly and completely….

Love and Namaste’, Rickie


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I don’t DO Reiki!

January 19, 2015
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I was recently Honored to be the speaker at a Networking Gathering for Natural Awakenings magazine. I shared my story of gradually transitioning from Physical Therapist to full time Reiki Master/Teacher. I shared the process of envisioning , manifesting and creating ReikiSpace & Learning Place. I talked about my Heart Centered, Service first Business philosophy. They also wanted to hear how I share about Reiki with my words keeping it grounded and relatable to various audiences.

What I said next really surprised them ~ “I don’t DO Reiki!” After a few moments I added “I LIVE Reiki!”. I am consciously aware of the Energy of every word, thought, emotion and attitude and how it affects me, others and the world. I AM Reiki, I exude Reiki. I Trust that when I enter a space radiating Light, that anything less than Light will either be Healed by the Light, or will go away.

Living by the Reiki Healing Principles is about living in total Integrity, allowing myself to fully experience every emotion, and then CHOOSING to return to my place of Peace. I allowed them to feel how quickly they can shift their energy by closing their eyes, consciously breathing in Light, Love and Healing Energy, and allowing themselves to be filled to overflowing. Everyone can do this, and choose Love instead of fear.

This is the path of a Reiki Master. BEing of Service. Revealing more and more of our True Selves for the Highest Good of all. Namaste’.

With Love, Joy and Gratitude, Rickie

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Just for Today…

August 4, 2014
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Each Reiki class I teach, I ask my students “What are the three main parts of the Usui Reiki System of Healing?”

They always come up with the first two – Self Healing, and Sharing Healing with others. Then they get stuck…

The third and equally important part , that is often glossed over, is Living by the Reiki Healing Principles:

Just for Today, I Release all Worry

Just for Today, I Release all Anger

I Honor Every Living Thing

I earn my Living with Integrity

I show Gratitude for all my many Blessings!

These principles are designed based on the fact that every word, thought, attitude and emotion carries energy, and affects not only your personal energy and immune system, but those around you, and the world! It is recommended to recite these principles every morning and evening to remind ourselves of the importance of keeping our Vibration high, so that we can continue to be a Healing Presence in the world.

They remind us to stay Present, because ruminating over things from the past drains our energy, as will worrying about things that may or may not happen in the future. They remind us that we are all Connected. They remind us to Honor our Life’s Purpose and our Core Values. When we make choices that are not in Integrity, our bodies will speak for us in the form of symptoms to try and help us learn, and get back on track.  They help us remember to say “Thank You” for all that we already have to be Grateful for, so that we can continue to attract Abundance – of Love, Peace, Joy, and Wellness .

I am personally especially aware and sensitive to the Vibration of words, and have adopted the following “Rickie Healing Principles”:

In this Moment, I CHOOSE Faith; and In this Moment, I CHOOSE Peace…

Feel free to use them if they resonate with you.

Much Love and Many Blessings Always, Rickie

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