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The Day that Reiki Saved my Life

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The Day that Reiki Saved my Life

February 18, 2018
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I am the mother of two adopted boys. I was Blessed for them to come into my life only 11 weeks apart from one another. I went from experiencing years of infertility, to having a 4 day old and an 11 week old at the same time! I was never happier.

My oldest boy, Ryan, was later diagnosed as bipolar schizophrenic, and after trying desperately to  find his identity, and seeking inner peace and Love, he made the choice to leave this world at 20 years old. I was literally heartbroken.

I had learned Reiki and created a Reiki practice several years prior. I had no choice but to return to work quickly, as I had my other son, Ron, to care for. My clients knew me very well, and knew what had happened, and I cried through many sessions as the Reiki flowed through and helped to heal me each time.

I very distinctly remember walking into my Reiki room the first time still very sad, and struggling just to keep putting one foot in front of the other. As I entered the room, the Reiki Healing Principles literally came right in front of my face and spoke to me. They said ” Are these just words, or are you really going to Choose to live by this”. I KNEW in that moment I had choice to really LIVE or just ¬†exist as a victim. Those Reiki Healing Principles saved my life!

I also received the guidance that I would be sharing a workshop called “From Grief to Gratitude”. It took me 5 years to be ready to share Ryan’s story. It has helped heal many others, and helps heal me more and more every time I do.

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