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“Spring Refresh With The 5 Reiki Precepts” by Guest Blogger Nancy Hogan Depew

“Spring Refresh With The 5 Reiki Precepts” by Guest Blogger Nancy Hogan Depew

March 19, 2018

Spring is almost upon us – a great time to refresh and renew!  With this in mind, let’s revisit the 5 Reiki Precepts, or Healing Principles.  Fundamental and foundational, as a Practitioner I ruminate on each of them daily.  I believe that anyone can use these, Reiki or not, as positive guiding principles.  With any sort of sort of growth, there is a learning curve ~ with practice they really do become second nature!  Here are the precepts, along with my ways of incorporating them, simply, into my daily life:


Just for today, I release all worry

Just for today, I release all anger

Just for today, I earn my living with integrity

Just for today, I honor every living thing

Just for today, I show gratitude for all my many blessings



“What If” – UP

We all “what if” ourselves when thinking about something new, or as a means to deny ourselves an opportunity that we are too scared to leap towards.  However – what if you what if UP?  When you find yourself asking things like “what if I fail,” “what if they don’t like me,” “what if I end up lonely and afraid?” – force yourself to what if UP instead.  “What if I succeed,” “what if I am accepted just as I am,” “what if I realize that I am enough, and I am fierce?” 


“Just for today, I release all worry”



3 Deep Breaths

I start every Reiki session with this statement and actually use this myself quite liberally throughout the day.  If I am stressed over a situation or deadline, I think and do – “3 deep breaths” and consciously release the anxious feelings and am able to re-center.  With that last exhale – whew! – I am usually ready to tackle the next challenge, but if I am not, I do it again.  This activity takes mere moments, but the positive effects last much longer. 


“Just for today, I release all anger”



Working in Integrity

How many folks can say they love all of their co-workers and everyone gets along great in a happy and productive environment?  Some lucky people, for sure, but regardless of workplace we have complete control over our own integrity.  This concept has proven to be a guiding principle, and a real centering point in my traditional work day.  If I feel slighted and desire to fire off an email to the perceived offender, taking them to task for (real or imagined) injustice, I ask myself, “how will this serve me and does it validate my working in integrity?”  It is akin to hitting a self-pause button.  It is incredibly important to take a moment, reflect, and continue on in your path of awesomeness, integrity intact.  You are worth it!!


“Just for today, I earn my living with integrity”



Practice Kindness Everyday

A simple “thinking of you” text to a friend you have not talked with in a while; a short email to a co-worker, thanking them for changing out the water in the cooler; a genuine, heart-felt smile delivered to a complete stranger – these are incredibly meaningful gestures that take so little time and give so much pleasure to others.  “The best things in life are free,” so what does it cost to share these small acts of kindness?  A moment of your time equals an impact that is immeasurable.  Think about how these acts, if treated upon you, would make you feel – and treat others to that feeling!   


“Just for today, I honor every living thing”



Finding Silver Linings

There is a famous saying along the lines of “there is always, always something for which to be grateful.”  Additionally, an attitude of gratitude has really become popular, and isn’t that a wonderful thing ~ when something healthy and helpful is also in style?   I am working on material to conduct a Gratitude Journaling workshop, and I know several folks that offer these already.  But isn’t it so difficult to be grateful all the time??  Sometimes, the challenges we face can feel overwhelming.  Looking for the silver linings and turning it around, even in small amounts, is key.  After the pain comes the lesson and eventually, the growth.   The journey we are on can have severe curves – by practicing finding silver linings (not just looking for them), your ability to locate the positives becomes easier, even second nature, and then it becomes so easy to appreciate your blessings.


“Just for today, I show gratitude for all my many blessings”



These are all active practices that require some effort, and a little time.  I can say without reservation that these guiding principles make life so much less complicated!  After practice becomes second-nature, it is a matter of remembering to use the tools that we pick up along the way to live our best life!  I wish for you an open heart and open mind, for your greatest good and highest joy!! 

Nancy Hogan Depew is a Reiki Master-Teacher, proudly practicing at ReikiSpace!  Catch her there for heart-centered services including Reiki sessions, classes & attunements and workshops!  More information and future blog entries can be found on her website,


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