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Can we still be Grateful?

Can we still be Grateful?

November 24, 2016

In the world of Energy, opposite and ironic things often fit together and make sense. You can feel Grounded  AND Connected, Peaceful  AND Energized, “Glued” to the Reiki table AND Light and FREE. 

In this challenging time in our world and this nation, can we still choose to be Grateful? Do we feel guilty if we feel Happy?

I Believe we can (and should) be informed and aware, be in our Compassionate, Empathetic Hearts AND make conscious Choices about our Energy and Presence in this world.

As Healers and  Light Workers, THE most important and most Powerful thing we can do is to keep ourselves in as best a Balance as “Humanly” possible, keep our personal Vibrations up, and hold the Light of the Highest Possible Vision for Healing. The MORE of us that can do this consciously, the more we create the Possibility for individual and collective Healing.

We do not have the luxury of allowing ourselves to stay pulled into the drama of fear, stress or worry for any prolonged period of time. Although we are Spiritual beings, we are certainly having a very human experience. Being totally in Integrity, we allow ourselves to fully experience every emotion, and then Consciously Choose to BREATHE, and bring ourselves back to our place of Peace within. From that place, we can send Light and Healing Energy and BE the Peace we wish to see in the World.

Allow yourself to feel and express Joy, Love and Gratitude today and every day. It is your best and most important role. <3



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