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Fast Food Reiki anyone?

    We live in a fast-paced, fast-food world. One of the many things I LOVE about Reiki is the reminder to stay Present and BE. No ruminating over the past, no worries about the future- just BEing in a place of Trust that all is in Perfect order. Remembering in the midst of challenges that they are

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    “The Source is the Source, of course, of course!”

      I have come to understand a personal Truth about Energy (as it  is for me) that I’d like to share with you. It is said with Reiki that “The more you use it, the stronger it flows”. (I have said this many times myself, because indeed this is what it feels like).  Sharing Reiki every

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      I don’t DO Reiki!

        I was recently Honored to be the speaker at a Networking Gathering for Natural Awakenings magazine. I shared my story of gradually transitioning from Physical Therapist to full time Reiki Master/Teacher. I shared the process of envisioning , manifesting and creating ReikiSpace & Learning Place. I talked about my Heart Centered, Service first Business philosophy. They

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        Gratitude- It’s not just for Thanksgiving!

          Attitudes are contagious- is yours worth catching? Whether we are conscious of it or not, every thought, word, attitude and emotion carries energy and affects how we feel, our immune system and our wellness. This energy also radiates to affect others around us. Gratitude is a high frequency vibration and has the potential to help

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          ALWAYS more to Learn…

            I attended the Mid-Atlantic Reiki Conference this weekend. Always so Wonderful to be surrounded by Positive Loving Energy as we all Learn, Grow and support each other.  Reiki itself Blossoms as you use it and incorporate it into your everyday world. The more you use it, the stronger it flows. The more your Share it,

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            MORE Frequently asked Reiki Questions…

              “Is Reiki Religious?” Reiki has no formal dogma associated with it all. You don’t need to be religious to share or receive Reiki or it’s benefits. Your deep Inner Wisdom will draw whatever energy your body needs and is ready for, to help you be more Balanced. This is not about your thinking mind. There is

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              Reiki Frequently Asked Questions

                Part of my Reiki Mission is to help educate people to understand the Simplicity of Reiki in a Positive, Loving and Grounded way. There are many misconceptions floating around about Reiki. The following are some questions that clients and students have asked. Please feel free to send me your own! “What the heck is Reiki?” Reiki is a

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                Just for Today…

                  Each Reiki class I teach, I ask my students “What are the three main parts of the Usui Reiki System of Healing?” They always come up with the first two – Self Healing, and Sharing Healing with others. Then they get stuck… The third and equally important part , that is often glossed over, is

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                  Rickie Skills

                  Courses and Certifications:

                  • Usui Reiki Master/Teacher
                  • Sekhem-Seichem Reiki Master/Teacher
                  • Chakra Healing & Balancing
                  • Healing with Sound & Music
                  • Fascial Mobilization
                  • Complementary Therapies
                  • Reikiatsu
                  • Hand & Foot Reflexology
                  • Magnified Healing
                  • Practice & Research
                  • ReikiSound

                  I am available to teach Reiki workshops & classes, and Reiki for Healthcare Professionals.

                  Why Choose Reiki?

                  Why Choose Reiki?

                  Reiki is DEEPLY RELAXING! Most people fall asleep or go into a meditative state. Reiki is the quickest way to find this quiet place within, where healing occurs and where you can hear the Inner Messages of your Higher Wisdom.

                  Reiki is an effective STRESS MANAGEMENT tool.

                  Reiki gets underneath to the source of your stress, and melts it away!

                  In addition to physical, emotional and attitudinal healing, Reiki often becomes a path to PERSONAL and SPIRITUAL GROWTH.

                  Reiki is always positive, and heals to your Highest Good and Greatest Joy. Reiki blends with, and facilitates, all other treatments, both traditional and complimentary.

                  Reiki is done FULLY CLOTHED, and for most people, this provides great comfort and safety.

                  Reiki, although very powerful, is VERY GENTLE. It is comfortable and safe for everyone, from newborns to women in their ninth month of pregnancy, to the elderly and those in hospice. 

                  Reiki helps you feel BALANCED, PEACEFUL, and ENERGIZED!