Gratitude- It’s not just for Thanksgiving!

    Attitudes are contagious- is yours worth catching? Whether we are conscious of it or not, every thought, word, attitude and emotion carries energy and affects how we feel, our immune system and our wellness. This energy also radiates to affect others around us. Gratitude is a high frequency vibration and has the potential to help you attract more of what you want in your life- more Abundance, more Peace and more Joy! In fact, studies show that Positive Attitudes can increase life expectancy by ten years. It is physiologically impossible to be stressed or fearful and Grateful in the same moment!

    So how can you maintain an Attitude of Gratitude in the midst of life’s everyday challenges? One of the ways that is recommended in all the readings on Gratitude, is to start a Gratitude Journal. Purchase or create a Beautiful journal that you love. Every morning and every evening write 3-5 things that you feel Grateful for. You will be starting and ending each day on a Positive note. You will also find yourself looking for things during the day to put in your Gratitude Journal, which will keep you focused on it. The University of California performed a long-term study on the power of Gratitude. During their studies, they discovered that people who write Gratitude journals and practiced being more grateful on a regular basis:

    • Had higher levels of health, felt better about their lives as a whole, and were more optimistic.
    • Were more likely to have made progress toward important personal goals.
    • Reported higher levels of the positive states of alertness, enthusiasm, determination, attentiveness and energy.
    • Slept better at night and had more energy throughout the day.
    • Are rated as more generous and more helpful by people in their social networks.
    • Are more likely to acknowledge a belief in the interconnectedness of all life and feel a commitment and responsibility to helping others; and
    • Are less likely to judge their own and other’s success in terms of possessions accumulated; they are less envious of wealthy persons; and are more likely to share their possessions with others relative to less grateful persons.

    What you focus on, you will see more of. When you remember to say “Thank You” for all your many Blessings large and small, you will attract more to be Thankful for!

    “Gratitude opens our Hearts and Minds. It instantly connects us to the present moment. It feels absolutely wonderful. The fact that Gratitude is so easy to come by gives us one more reason to be Grateful!”        Raphael Cushnir

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