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The Reiki and the Rickie (My Personal Reiki Teaching Philosophy)

The Reiki and the Rickie (My Personal Reiki Teaching Philosophy)

September 15, 2014

I began learning Reiki over 20 years ago! I thought that each level Reiki class I took would be as far as I would need to go. I Loved every class, and felt the Powerful and Deeply Healing Benefits. I honestly never thought I would teach (seems funny to me now). The thought of creating a manual felt daunting to me. Computers weren’t a thought then, and I could barely type. I only knew that I could not just hand out someone else’s manual. I knew that it had to contain my energy, and that I needed to resonate with every word. My manuals (Thanks to Todd Krill, Grey Matter Graphics) as well as my teaching style continues to evolve and progress with my confidence, experience and wisdom. I am always clear to distinguish which is the Reiki and which is the Rickie when I teach. Everyone brings a little of themselves to the work, AND the basic elements of each level Reiki Class needs to stay pure.

I believe that everyone is attracted to exactly who they need to be with, therefore there is never any competition in this work. It is always Amazing and Beautiful to watch as students realize that they are all meant to be together at that particular time, and observe all the inter-connections. Perfect Synchronicity!

There is no “Right and Wrong” in any of this. The following are ways that resonate with me and my style of teaching.

I teach my Reiki classes primarily in one day. It is a long and full day, but Relaxing, Peaceful and very Healing. This seems to work best logistically for most people. I want my classes to be accessible and valued. I try to keep my rates affordable, but again valuable. This is an important and Sacred commitment.

I like to teach my classes in small groups. That way students get to experience each other’s energy. Energy increases exponentially, so each student has a more powerful experience, and are able to “feel it” more within the group.

I believe that each level of Reiki takes time to process and integrate. You need to use your Reiki every day, and it will teach you more than any teacher or book ever could! I recommend allowing at least three weeks between Reiki l and ll, and six to nine months between Reiki ll and the Master level.

I have prerequisites for my Master training classes. I take this commitment very seriously. Master Training is MUCH more than just learning how to share to the Attunements. It is Living Reiki with every thought, word, attitude and emotion, and taking responsibility for the Energy you radiate every day. It is LIVING the Reiki Healing Principles.

I know Healing Energy can be shared long distance, and we learn how to share that in Reiki level ll. I do not personally believe that long-distance attunments are Usui Reiki. The definition of an Usui Reiki Attunement involves working in your energy field and includes physical touch.

Again, I want to emphasize that this is strictly the way Reiki resonates with me. Others choose other ways. The essence of Reiki is always non-judgmental, unconditional Love and Acceptance.

Peace and Namaste’

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