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“The Source is the Source, of course, of course!”

“The Source is the Source, of course, of course!”

February 15, 2015

I have come to understand a personal Truth about Energy (as it  is for me) that I’d like to share with you.

It is said with Reiki that “The more you use it, the stronger it flows”. (I have said this many times myself, because indeed this is what it feels like).  Sharing Reiki every day consciously I have come to the following new interpretation. What I Believe is that “The Source is the Source, of course, or course”- In other words I perceive the Source of the Energy as the Highest Frequency Vibration. If this is true, then the Reiki isn’t getting stronger. What is changing is US! As we release more and more layers of what is not our True Essence , we come closer to the Truth of who we really are (Unconditional Love). As we become clearer , the Source Energy is able to flow through us clearer, and we are more able to connect with it.

I also Believe, therefore, that there is no “Next Level”, no Higher Vibration of another name. We just continue to become more deeply healed, more of who we are truly meant to be, more of our True Self. From this place, we are consciously able to connect to the Energy that connects us all and share it freely. Others FEEL it more strongly as well.

I Know that as I continue with my personal healing, self Reiki, receiving Reiki and sharing Reiki, my understanding may continue to expand and shift. I am open to all possibilities.

Love, Light and Joy, Rickie

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