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ALWAYS more to Learn…

ALWAYS more to Learn…

November 3, 2014
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I attended the Mid-Atlantic Reiki Conference this weekend. Always so Wonderful to be surrounded by Positive Loving Energy as we all Learn, Grow and support each other.  Reiki itself Blossoms as you use it and incorporate it into your everyday world. The more you use it, the stronger it flows. The more your Share it, the more Powerful it becomes for ourselves, each other and the World. There is no competition, no “Better” Reiki, no “Higher” Reiki – Everyone finds their own way to the Source of all Connecting Energy. It really is “All Good”!

I really enjoyed the variety of topics presented at this conference. The first was “Animal Reiki”. Kathleen Lester, founder of the Animal Reiki Alliance, is already teaching Animal Reiki in ReikiSpace. I did learn about a couple of her other offerings that may be of interest in ReikiSpace – “Animal Communication for Reiki Healers” and Crystal Healing for Animals”. Does either of those interest YOU?

Presenting next were Susan Lieberman and Andrea Grace, founders of the Natural Healing Alliance, a non-profit organization to help promote Professionalism including Ethics Training, Standards of Practice, Infection Control, Informed Consent, Re-certification, and Practice Guidelines. There was discussion about the legalities concerning the language we use discussing Reiki. I resonated with that, and I spend quite a bit of time with my Reiki lllA Master/Practitioner students practicing how to share Reiki with meaningful words in various scenarios.  We also discussed the legalities of practice related to the “License to Touch”. This has been cropping up in near-by states and is something we need to watch closely. Thankfully, as a P.T., I am covered.

The Keynote Speaker was Mari Hall, sharing “In the Heart of Reiki, There is Only Love”. Her personal Transformation Stories were Inspirational, and she has attuned over 50,000 students to Reiki! (Made me wish I have been keeping count…)

Following a Deeply Meditative Sound Immersion with Patricia Norton, there was an Excellent Panel Discussion on “Healthcare Programs that Incorporate Reiki”. The panel included  Dr. Harold Bob, MD, Luann Jacobs Speech/Language Pathologist, and Donna Audia RN- all also Reiki Masters. In traditional Medical Settings, the topic of Languaging Reiki comes up again. Thankfully, coming from a more traditional practice, this is something I am very comfortable with. The biggest continuing question is who pays for Reiki Professionals in these settings. There are several prominent Medical Centers already offering CAM, and some reputable research, although there is alot more work to be done in this are. Please ask me if you’d like more info about existing programs or Reiki Research.

The final presentation by Paula Michal-Johnson included amazing photos from her recent pilgrimage to Japan including Mt. Kurama.

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MORE Frequently asked Reiki Questions…

October 26, 2014
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“Is Reiki Religious?” Reiki has no formal dogma associated with it all. You don’t need to be religious to share or receive Reiki or it’s benefits. Your deep Inner Wisdom will draw whatever energy your body needs and is ready for, to help you be more Balanced. This is not about your thinking mind. There is Healing energy all around us. When any part of us is ill, stressed or diseased, we actually vibrate at a lower frequency- that is why we feel “drained” and exhausted. We will Naturally draw energy from Higher Frequency sources in an attempt to achieve Homeostasis, or Balance. This is a property of nature, which we emulate. That being said, many people feel more “Connected” as they move along the Reiki path, and are more able to tap into into their inner resources which helps healing, and can provide Clarity and Guidance.

“What is the difference between Reiki and Massage?” Reiki is shared on a Massage type table, but it is done fully clothed. It is non-invasive and non-manipulative, therefore everyone can receive Reiki- from the tiniest premature infants, to a pregnant woman, to someone elderly or in the dying process. The touch is very gentle, and Reiki can also be shared slightly off the body in the energy field.

“Why would someone want/need to receive Reiki if they are dying?” Reiki can be Healing on many levels with or without being curing. Reiki may help with pain, anxiety, and sleep issues. It may help reduce the side effects of medications. It may help them to come to a more Peaceful acceptance of the dying process. It provides a Positive, Peaceful, Loving, Nurturing context for Healing amidst the stress…

“Will I be able to go off my anti-depressants (or any other medication)?” Reiki practitioners may never diagnose. This is a decision made in conjunction with your physician. I have had clients be able to gradually reduce some of their medications as their system becomes more Balanced and less stressed, but that is never up to me to decide. I believe in Integrative Medicine – utilizing the best of all resources available.

“How often should I come for Reiki Sessions?” It is recommended that the first three Reiki Sessions be shared a little closer together- maybe a week apart from each other. The first three sessions work in a series for your Balance-the first working primarily physically. As you open up and become more comfortable with the process and your Practitioner, the work can go a little deeper. The second session tends to work primarily on the mental/emotional/stress level- this is what often underlies our physical symptoms. The third session goes a little deeper yet to the Spiritual level- your connection to whatever you see as the Source that connects us all, and your connection to you deep inner resources. By the end of three, you will be in a better place of Balance to begin your Healing from, and you will have a good sense of what Reiki is doing for you! After that, it is very individualized. If Reiki is part of your Wellness and Balancing program, then once a month is great – I believe everyone could use a Balancing at least once a month! If you are more actively working on something- whether it be physical pain, stress, or just wanting more Clarity and Guidance during transitional periods, then you may choose to have Reiki more frequently to support your Healing and Personal Growth. Some people choose to come more often, because they LOVE it- it is like a mini-vacation. You can never overdose on Reiki!

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Reiki Frequently Asked Questions

October 19, 2014
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Part of my Reiki Mission is to help educate people to understand the Simplicity of Reiki in a Positive, Loving and Grounded way. There are many misconceptions floating around about Reiki. The following are some questions that clients and students have asked. Please feel free to send me your own!

“What the heck is Reiki?” Reiki is a very Gentle and Deeply Relaxing hands-on Healing originally from Japan primarily for Stress Management and Balance. When our systems are in a better Balance, they can help us heal naturally like we’re designed to do. YOUR body decides what you need, where it goes and what you’re ready for.

“Aren’t you Drained after you do this?” No! One of the Unique things about Reiki is that you never give away any of your personal energy, and you never take on anyone else’s stuff! I call it an E.M.S. – Energy Management System. The energy just flows through me, and feels wonderful to me also!

“Can Reiki help with ____(fill in the blank)”? I don’t get to decide what happens in your Reiki Session. Your body draws whatever energy you need to bring yourself into a better place of Balance. Whatever happens is always for your Highest Good and Greatest Joy! Sometimes Reiki will take away your symptoms, and sometimes it will bring to your attention what you need to look at in your life to move forwards in a Healthy way. Symptoms are your body’s way of speaking to you to help you get the message. You always have Free Will to pay attention to the messages or not. If you do, often your body doesn’t need to continue “talking” so loud!

“I’m pregnant- can I do Reiki?” YES! Reiki is Gentle, non-invasive and perfectly safe for you and your baby. Everyone can tolerate Reiki from the tiniest infant to the elderly even in the dying process.

“Now that I took a Reiki Class and can Reiki myself, do I still need to come for sessions?” Yes, both are very important parts of Reiki. Daily self Reiki is recommended, and is a wonderful way to start and end your day, but you still need to be active in that process. When you receive a full Reiki Session from someone else, you allow yourself to Relax, be open and Receive- it is a different experience. Both are important parts of Reiki. As you move forwards on the Reiki path you begin to LIVE Reiki- being conscious of the energy of your words, thoughts, attitudes and emotions and how it affects you, others and the world.

Sending you Love, Peace and Gratitude….

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The Reiki and the Rickie (My Personal Reiki Teaching Philosophy)

September 15, 2014
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I began learning Reiki over 20 years ago! I thought that each level Reiki class I took would be as far as I would need to go. I Loved every class, and felt the Powerful and Deeply Healing Benefits. I honestly never thought I would teach (seems funny to me now). The thought of creating a manual felt daunting to me. Computers weren’t a thought then, and I could barely type. I only knew that I could not just hand out someone else’s manual. I knew that it had to contain my energy, and that I needed to resonate with every word. My manuals (Thanks to Todd Krill, Grey Matter Graphics) as well as my teaching style continues to evolve and progress with my confidence, experience and wisdom. I am always clear to distinguish which is the Reiki and which is the Rickie when I teach. Everyone brings a little of themselves to the work, AND the basic elements of each level Reiki Class needs to stay pure.

I believe that everyone is attracted to exactly who they need to be with, therefore there is never any competition in this work. It is always Amazing and Beautiful to watch as students realize that they are all meant to be together at that particular time, and observe all the inter-connections. Perfect Synchronicity!

There is no “Right and Wrong” in any of this. The following are ways that resonate with me and my style of teaching.

I teach my Reiki classes primarily in one day. It is a long and full day, but Relaxing, Peaceful and very Healing. This seems to work best logistically for most people. I want my classes to be accessible and valued. I try to keep my rates affordable, but again valuable. This is an important and Sacred commitment.

I like to teach my classes in small groups. That way students get to experience each other’s energy. Energy increases exponentially, so each student has a more powerful experience, and are able to “feel it” more within the group.

I believe that each level of Reiki takes time to process and integrate. You need to use your Reiki every day, and it will teach you more than any teacher or book ever could! I recommend allowing at least three weeks between Reiki l and ll, and six to nine months between Reiki ll and the Master level.

I have prerequisites for my Master training classes. I take this commitment very seriously. Master Training is MUCH more than just learning how to share to the Attunements. It is Living Reiki with every thought, word, attitude and emotion, and taking responsibility for the Energy you radiate every day. It is LIVING the Reiki Healing Principles.

I know Healing Energy can be shared long distance, and we learn how to share that in Reiki level ll. I do not personally believe that long-distance attunments are Usui Reiki. The definition of an Usui Reiki Attunement involves working in your energy field and includes physical touch.

Again, I want to emphasize that this is strictly the way Reiki resonates with me. Others choose other ways. The essence of Reiki is always non-judgmental, unconditional Love and Acceptance.

Peace and Namaste’

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Everyday Reiki

August 25, 2014
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I missed writing to you last weekend (and I really missed it!).

My dad was admitted to the Hospital from the ER. These experiences quickly re-shift our priorities, and become perfect opportunities to “practice what we preach” in Reiki.

I am my dad’s “person”. I am his emotional, physical and financial support person. When my mom became ill  in 2009, I realized that the role reversal from child to parent had begun. I KNEW that I wanted to be there with them and for them every step of the way, and in the way that honored my Integrity.

It requires constant reminders and juggling to keep myself in Balance. I KNOW that in order to continue to be of Healthy Service to to my dad, my clients and students that I have got to keep myself “filled up”. Here are some of the ways I’ve found helpful:

1) I use my self-Reiki daily (actually all day long), and I practice deep breathing while connecting and filling my self with Light and renewed Energy. I envision myself radiating Love and Light from my Heart  and my entire being to continue to BE a Healing Presence to all those who need the Light.

2) I start and end everyday with Gratitude. This keeps me focused all day long on all the that I have to be Grateful for. It is physiologically impossible to be stressed and Grateful in the same moment!

3) I send Reiki Healing Energy every night as I’m settling in to rest. This helps me feel more Peaceful and empowered that I have something Positive to offer people, situations and the world.

4) I remain ever conscious of the Vibration of my thoughts, words, attitudes and emotions. It really matters! Every choice will either build and preserve my energy, or lower it and feel draining. I CHOOSE Peace, I CHOOSE Faith. I Trust that all is well, in perfect order and exactly as it’s meant to be. Even though it may not feel that way in the moment, I KNOW “It’s ALL Good!”

5) I Believe in the Law of Attraction. I will attract Vibrations that match what I put out. I must BE and FEEL what I want to attract. I Know that I will attract whatever is for my Highest Good and Greatest Joy along my path. I don’t need to know all the details, and I don’t want to put any boxes around the possibilities.

6) Allowing myself to be vulnerable and to Receive. We need each other. We are meant to help and heal each other.

Sending you Love (the Highest frequency vibration and greatest Healer of all!). May you attract all the you deserve, and more than you can possibly imagine!  Rickie

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YES You Can!

August 11, 2014
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This weekend I attended the NEPA Holistic Chamber of Commerce Expo in Beautiful Mt. Pocono PA. I Love to meet  and connect with other Healers and Practitioners, and experience their work. I hope to begin a Central PA Chapter of the Holistic Chamber in the near future. The exponential nature of group energy can increase the Positive Energy that we can offer the area and the world, even more than the sum of each of us alone! I am frequently reminded when I attend events like these how Blessed I am to be sharing Reiki on a full time basis. I am learning that part of my role in all this is to be the “YES YOU CAN!” reminder for others.

YES, YOUR area is ready to accept Holistic, Integrative Medicine if it is presented in a Grounded and Relate-able way. Keep your explanations simple, and allow people to ask for more as they are ready. Focus on the benefits, based on listening to their needs. Trust that just as you did, everyone will come to this in their perfect time of readiness. No judgement, only unconditional Love and acceptance, as there are many paths to the same Truth. I like to say to my students (to the tune of Mr Ed) “The Source is the Source, of course, of course!” 😀

YES, it is possible to earn a living offering your work full-time. It may need to be progressed gradually. My motto is “Follow your heart AND do it Smart!” It is a constant Balance between following your Passion with your focus ALWAYS on service, and also being ready which includes financial preparedness, and right time and timing. It can take 2-5 years for any new business to begin to be self sustaining, and you need to be prepared to “ride the waves” for a bit.  Any fear will block the flow. Move forward step by step in Love and Trust….

YES, You are Worthy and Deserving. It always begins with self-Love and Acceptance. You can’t offer to others what you haven’t fully given yourself. Continue to do your own work. For me, that is daily self-Reiki, receiving Reiki Sessions, as well as other work, and being conscious of living the Reiki Healing Principles every day to the best of my human ability. It is about being Gentle with ourselves, Forgiving ourselves on deeper and deeper levels, and always coming back to the Gratitude. Starting and ending each day in Gratitude….

Sending you Love, Rickie


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Just for Today…

August 4, 2014
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Each Reiki class I teach, I ask my students “What are the three main parts of the Usui Reiki System of Healing?”

They always come up with the first two – Self Healing, and Sharing Healing with others. Then they get stuck…

The third and equally important part , that is often glossed over, is Living by the Reiki Healing Principles:

Just for Today, I Release all Worry

Just for Today, I Release all Anger

I Honor Every Living Thing

I earn my Living with Integrity

I show Gratitude for all my many Blessings!

These principles are designed based on the fact that every word, thought, attitude and emotion carries energy, and affects not only your personal energy and immune system, but those around you, and the world! It is recommended to recite these principles every morning and evening to remind ourselves of the importance of keeping our Vibration high, so that we can continue to be a Healing Presence in the world.

They remind us to stay Present, because ruminating over things from the past drains our energy, as will worrying about things that may or may not happen in the future. They remind us that we are all Connected. They remind us to Honor our Life’s Purpose and our Core Values. When we make choices that are not in Integrity, our bodies will speak for us in the form of symptoms to try and help us learn, and get back on track.  They help us remember to say “Thank You” for all that we already have to be Grateful for, so that we can continue to attract Abundance – of Love, Peace, Joy, and Wellness .

I am personally especially aware and sensitive to the Vibration of words, and have adopted the following “Rickie Healing Principles”:

In this Moment, I CHOOSE Faith; and In this Moment, I CHOOSE Peace…

Feel free to use them if they resonate with you.

Much Love and Many Blessings Always, Rickie

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Sharing the Love

July 28, 2014
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I have a reputation for my Positive, Inspiring messages on Facebook. I only post and Like messages that I fully resonate with. I Know that every thought, word, attitude and emotion carries Energy, and I choose to help raise the Vibration, and bring more Light into the world.

This week, I decided to try something Fun! I posted the following:

“Let’s create a LOVE story! Each add one line using Positive, Loving words, thoughts, emotions, and keep the story going…..
Once upon a time…..”

Here is the Beautiful story that unfolded, one line at a time. I Loved it so much that I wanted to share it with you.

“Once upon a time there lived a gentle and spiritual couple who wanted to change the world, and they loved dancing! They opened their home to those seeking answers and a warm meal, and filled their world with laughter and love. Today they will welcome a beautiful baby boy who will help so many more people feel the love around him. They decided to name him Robert! He will help bring Peace to the world and conquer fear from the heart. He will inspire unconditional love and bring happiness to all around him.

The years flew by, and their son grew into a warm and caring young man. He met a girl. She was gentle and kind, and brought Grace and ease. She built them a house, and baked a cherry pie for dinner. She was a Loving, generous woman adding such joy to the family. She was filled with love and light. Of course, they will soon be gifted with Reiki attunements so they can continue to spread light and love across the world. Their positive energy waves did not ebb and flow, but continued on in a continuous stream which flowed to the North, South, East and West bringing a sense of connection to all things, living and seemingly inanimate; bringing Unconditional love for all who were in sorrow, anger, poverty,depression, and oppression. Then the word came…LOVE! They set out to spread it to all over the paths of everyone around them. And Love is all there is!” The End…

Didn’t my Facebook friends do a Wonderful job! Feel free to “Like” my Reiki By Rickie page at if you could use some more Positive reminders to keep your spirits raised.

Much Love and Joy, Rickie



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Where do I Begin…

July 21, 2014
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I have been wanting to start a blog for a very long time, and I’m so excited to be actually beginning! I have SO much I want to share with you – about the Rickie, AND the Reiki (They are one and the same, you know!). I am always open to your ideas, suggestions and questions. I want this to valuable and enjoyable for YOU!

I am very Blessed to KNOW that I am following my purpose and my path. After all- I’m a girl named Rickie! I fully believe that after all the years of being accidentally placed in BOYS gym, BOYS choir etc, that my name was a wake-up call to my purpose.
As a child, I was always the Peacemaker in my family, and I have been empathic since I was a baby. I grew up wanting to help people, and pursued a career in Physical Therapy. I LOVED PT, because I LOVE people! My PT background and knowledge continues to serve me well in my Reiki work, allowing me to more deeply understand pain issues, postural imbalance etc. It gives me credibility, and I am able to relate well with other traditional healthcare workers and professionals.
I began to learn Reiki in 1994 initially for my own personal emotional healing. Reiki self-healing is an important and powerful tool in your own hands. I was very quickly drawn to sharing it with others, especially co-workers where I was doing my PT work. My first Reiki table was a gift, and that sparked me to create a Reiki room in my home. I hand stamped every business card to have my personal energy into them! I didn’t charge a fee- I just had a LOVE Donation box for people to put in whatever they felt comfortable with.
My first professional space was called Lavender Heart. It is was here that I learned that when you believe in something with your whole being, as I do Reiki, that people feel and are attracted to that energy! My Reiki practice began to grow, and I found myself doing less and less physical therapy.
Jumping ahead, I moved to Harrisburg five and a half years ago, knowing one person. I felt very guided that coming here was the next step for me (and Reiki), and I have been doing Reiki full- time ever since. I created Reiki by Rickie ~ ReikiSpace & Learning Place 4/1/13. I now have a very busy personal practice, 14 ReikiSpace Practitioners all trained by me, a Mentorship program and an active Classroom/Workshop/Event space all in a beautiful, peaceful setting that is both nurturing and professional. Everyone who comes in can feel the energy right away. I am Home…..
Filled with Love and Gratitude, Rickie

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Gift Certificate Purchases

February 7, 2014
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If you would like to purchase a gift certificate for yourself or someone who would love to experience the benefits of Reiki or any of my other services, please contact me and together we can decide what would be most beneficial for the recipient.

Call or e-mail me to schedule your sessions.

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