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YES You Can!

YES You Can!

August 11, 2014

This weekend I attended the NEPA Holistic Chamber of Commerce Expo in Beautiful Mt. Pocono PA. I Love to meet  and connect with other Healers and Practitioners, and experience their work. I hope to begin a Central PA Chapter of the Holistic Chamber in the near future. The exponential nature of group energy can increase the Positive Energy that we can offer the area and the world, even more than the sum of each of us alone! I am frequently reminded when I attend events like these how Blessed I am to be sharing Reiki on a full time basis. I am learning that part of my role in all this is to be the “YES YOU CAN!” reminder for others.

YES, YOUR area is ready to accept Holistic, Integrative Medicine if it is presented in a Grounded and Relate-able way. Keep your explanations simple, and allow people to ask for more as they are ready. Focus on the benefits, based on listening to their needs. Trust that just as you did, everyone will come to this in their perfect time of readiness. No judgement, only unconditional Love and acceptance, as there are many paths to the same Truth. I like to say to my students (to the tune of Mr Ed) “The Source is the Source, of course, of course!” 😀

YES, it is possible to earn a living offering your work full-time. It may need to be progressed gradually. My motto is “Follow your heart AND do it Smart!” It is a constant Balance between following your Passion with your focus ALWAYS on service, and also being ready which includes financial preparedness, and right time and timing. It can take 2-5 years for any new business to begin to be self sustaining, and you need to be prepared to “ride the waves” for a bit.  Any fear will block the flow. Move forward step by step in Love and Trust….

YES, You are Worthy and Deserving. It always begins with self-Love and Acceptance. You can’t offer to others what you haven’t fully given yourself. Continue to do your own work. For me, that is daily self-Reiki, receiving Reiki Sessions, as well as other work, and being conscious of living the Reiki Healing Principles every day to the best of my human ability. It is about being Gentle with ourselves, Forgiving ourselves on deeper and deeper levels, and always coming back to the Gratitude. Starting and ending each day in Gratitude….

Sending you Love, Rickie


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