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Reiki by Rickie on TV AGAIN!

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Reiki by Rickie on TV AGAIN!

August 31, 2016
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Reiki is not Alternative, it is INTEGRATIVE and COMPLIMENTARY!

Here is the link to my recent appearance on Good Day PA

ENJOY, and Have a Peaceful day!

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Reiki by Rickie on ABC27 Good Day PA

December 4, 2015
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Happy New ??

January 1, 2015
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Many publications this time of year focus on “New Year- New You” themes. The Truth is we need to clear away what is blocking or hiding the Perfect YOU that is already and always there! Reveal the Truth of who you really are under the fears, the old messages that no longer serve you, the protection that you’ve held onto, but no longer really need….We are Perfectly Imperfect Divinity Learning, Growing, and Shifting as we gain Wisdom and Clarity. The Never-ending Journey – there is no “There”…..

Here are my Loving Intentions for all:

May you REMEMBER what you Love, what Sparks you, and brings you endless, timeless Joy. Consciously Create more time for that in your life.

May you be Gentle with yourself as you step forwards in a new direction and try a new way.

May you Forgive yourself and others for the sake of Peace.

May you remember that we are all doing the Best that we can with the Knowledge, Wisdom and Experiences we bring to this moment. This will allow you to see with the eyes of Compassion

May you know how precious your Energy is, and Choose Loving and Peaceful speech, thoughts and attitudes every day. May you attract the same.

May you remember that life’s challenging people and situations are a GIFT to help you learn and move forwards in ways that you wouldn’t have chosen on your own.

May you find the Perfect Balance of Quiet Introspection, Service, Connection, Laughter and PLAY . Enjoy this Amazing  and Interesting Ride!

Celebrating your Revelation of More YOU!



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Wishing You….

December 25, 2014
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Happy Holidays!

May you be filled with Light, and Know the Truth of the Light that you already are. SHINE, RADIATE. May all those who need your Light be attracted to it for the purpose of Healing…

May you Receive you’re Heart’s Desire, and most importantly may you KNOW that you are Worthy and Deserving of Receiving…

May you continue to be of Loving Purposeful Service Always….

May you keep things in Perspective and Remember to BREATHE….

May you Feel the Peace , Contentment and Joy Within You…

May you remember that we NEED each other. Allow yourself to be Vulnerable and Receive. This allows others the Joy of Sharing…

Peace, Joy, Love, Healing and Connection…Always, Rickie

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“Wishing you Peace”

December 21, 2014
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Wishing You Peace

Over the years I’ve discovered that we can experience peace through our beliefs, thoughts, and actions.  We don’t have to wait for others to deliver something to us.  We can take charge of our own peace status.  That’s a liberating, powerful concept—one I didn’t grasp when I was young.


So what beliefs can give you peace?  Try these for starters:

Believe that you are resilient no matter what’s happening around you.

Believe that you can make a positive impact upon your environment.

Believe that you can add value in every situation.

Believe that you are smart enough, talented enough, and experienced enough.

Believe that you are worthy of success as you define it.


What thoughts can give you peace?  Consider the following:

Think that you can perform your duties with ease.

Think that most folks want to support you.

Think that you can deal with change, large or small.

Think that you are making a difference for somebody else every day.

Think that you can accomplish anything you decide to do.


What actions can give you peace?  Here are just a few:

Initiate a difficult but necessary conversation that you’ve avoided.

Learn the new skill you know you need.

Employ a win-win approach during interactions with bosses, peers, and staff.

Tell people they’ve done a great job—when they have.

Start a job search that’s been long overdue.


You don’t need to wait for peace.  You can enjoy it NOW.  In this very moment.  Choose one idea from each of the three categories above.  Claim it and practice it.  Live it regularly, and watch your entire life shift.  I promise.

Sylvia Hepler,

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Everyday Reiki

August 25, 2014
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I missed writing to you last weekend (and I really missed it!).

My dad was admitted to the Hospital from the ER. These experiences quickly re-shift our priorities, and become perfect opportunities to “practice what we preach” in Reiki.

I am my dad’s “person”. I am his emotional, physical and financial support person. When my mom became ill  in 2009, I realized that the role reversal from child to parent had begun. I KNEW that I wanted to be there with them and for them every step of the way, and in the way that honored my Integrity.

It requires constant reminders and juggling to keep myself in Balance. I KNOW that in order to continue to be of Healthy Service to to my dad, my clients and students that I have got to keep myself “filled up”. Here are some of the ways I’ve found helpful:

1) I use my self-Reiki daily (actually all day long), and I practice deep breathing while connecting and filling my self with Light and renewed Energy. I envision myself radiating Love and Light from my Heart  and my entire being to continue to BE a Healing Presence to all those who need the Light.

2) I start and end everyday with Gratitude. This keeps me focused all day long on all the that I have to be Grateful for. It is physiologically impossible to be stressed and Grateful in the same moment!

3) I send Reiki Healing Energy every night as I’m settling in to rest. This helps me feel more Peaceful and empowered that I have something Positive to offer people, situations and the world.

4) I remain ever conscious of the Vibration of my thoughts, words, attitudes and emotions. It really matters! Every choice will either build and preserve my energy, or lower it and feel draining. I CHOOSE Peace, I CHOOSE Faith. I Trust that all is well, in perfect order and exactly as it’s meant to be. Even though it may not feel that way in the moment, I KNOW “It’s ALL Good!”

5) I Believe in the Law of Attraction. I will attract Vibrations that match what I put out. I must BE and FEEL what I want to attract. I Know that I will attract whatever is for my Highest Good and Greatest Joy along my path. I don’t need to know all the details, and I don’t want to put any boxes around the possibilities.

6) Allowing myself to be vulnerable and to Receive. We need each other. We are meant to help and heal each other.

Sending you Love (the Highest frequency vibration and greatest Healer of all!). May you attract all the you deserve, and more than you can possibly imagine!  Rickie

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YES You Can!

August 11, 2014
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This weekend I attended the NEPA Holistic Chamber of Commerce Expo in Beautiful Mt. Pocono PA. I Love to meet  and connect with other Healers and Practitioners, and experience their work. I hope to begin a Central PA Chapter of the Holistic Chamber in the near future. The exponential nature of group energy can increase the Positive Energy that we can offer the area and the world, even more than the sum of each of us alone! I am frequently reminded when I attend events like these how Blessed I am to be sharing Reiki on a full time basis. I am learning that part of my role in all this is to be the “YES YOU CAN!” reminder for others.

YES, YOUR area is ready to accept Holistic, Integrative Medicine if it is presented in a Grounded and Relate-able way. Keep your explanations simple, and allow people to ask for more as they are ready. Focus on the benefits, based on listening to their needs. Trust that just as you did, everyone will come to this in their perfect time of readiness. No judgement, only unconditional Love and acceptance, as there are many paths to the same Truth. I like to say to my students (to the tune of Mr Ed) “The Source is the Source, of course, of course!” 😀

YES, it is possible to earn a living offering your work full-time. It may need to be progressed gradually. My motto is “Follow your heart AND do it Smart!” It is a constant Balance between following your Passion with your focus ALWAYS on service, and also being ready which includes financial preparedness, and right time and timing. It can take 2-5 years for any new business to begin to be self sustaining, and you need to be prepared to “ride the waves” for a bit.  Any fear will block the flow. Move forward step by step in Love and Trust….

YES, You are Worthy and Deserving. It always begins with self-Love and Acceptance. You can’t offer to others what you haven’t fully given yourself. Continue to do your own work. For me, that is daily self-Reiki, receiving Reiki Sessions, as well as other work, and being conscious of living the Reiki Healing Principles every day to the best of my human ability. It is about being Gentle with ourselves, Forgiving ourselves on deeper and deeper levels, and always coming back to the Gratitude. Starting and ending each day in Gratitude….

Sending you Love, Rickie


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