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Sharing the Love

Sharing the Love

July 28, 2014

I have a reputation for my Positive, Inspiring messages on Facebook. I only post and Like messages that I fully resonate with. I Know that every thought, word, attitude and emotion carries Energy, and I choose to help raise the Vibration, and bring more Light into the world.

This week, I decided to try something Fun! I posted the following:

“Let’s create a LOVE story! Each add one line using Positive, Loving words, thoughts, emotions, and keep the story going…..
Once upon a time…..”

Here is the Beautiful story that unfolded, one line at a time. I Loved it so much that I wanted to share it with you.

“Once upon a time there lived a gentle and spiritual couple who wanted to change the world, and they loved dancing! They opened their home to those seeking answers and a warm meal, and filled their world with laughter and love. Today they will welcome a beautiful baby boy who will help so many more people feel the love around him. They decided to name him Robert! He will help bring Peace to the world and conquer fear from the heart. He will inspire unconditional love and bring happiness to all around him.

The years flew by, and their son grew into a warm and caring young man. He met a girl. She was gentle and kind, and brought Grace and ease. She built them a house, and baked a cherry pie for dinner. She was a Loving, generous woman adding such joy to the family. She was filled with love and light. Of course, they will soon be gifted with Reiki attunements so they can continue to spread light and love across the world. Their positive energy waves did not ebb and flow, but continued on in a continuous stream which flowed to the North, South, East and West bringing a sense of connection to all things, living and seemingly inanimate; bringing Unconditional love for all who were in sorrow, anger, poverty,depression, and oppression. Then the word came…LOVE! They set out to spread it to all over the paths of everyone around them. And Love is all there is!” The End…

Didn’t my Facebook friends do a Wonderful job! Feel free to “Like” my Reiki By Rickie page at if you could use some more Positive reminders to keep your spirits raised.

Much Love and Joy, Rickie



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