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Where do I Begin…

Where do I Begin…

July 21, 2014

I have been wanting to start a blog for a very long time, and I’m so excited to be actually beginning! I have SO much I want to share with you – about the Rickie, AND the Reiki (They are one and the same, you know!). I am always open to your ideas, suggestions and questions. I want this to valuable and enjoyable for YOU!

I am very Blessed to KNOW that I am following my purpose and my path. After all- I’m a girl named Rickie! I fully believe that after all the years of being accidentally placed in BOYS gym, BOYS choir etc, that my name was a wake-up call to my purpose.
As a child, I was always the Peacemaker in my family, and I have been empathic since I was a baby. I grew up wanting to help people, and pursued a career in Physical Therapy. I LOVED PT, because I LOVE people! My PT background and knowledge continues to serve me well in my Reiki work, allowing me to more deeply understand pain issues, postural imbalance etc. It gives me credibility, and I am able to relate well with other traditional healthcare workers and professionals.
I began to learn Reiki in 1994 initially for my own personal emotional healing. Reiki self-healing is an important and powerful tool in your own hands. I was very quickly drawn to sharing it with others, especially co-workers where I was doing my PT work. My first Reiki table was a gift, and that sparked me to create a Reiki room in my home. I hand stamped every business card to have my personal energy into them! I didn’t charge a fee- I just had a LOVE Donation box for people to put in whatever they felt comfortable with.
My first professional space was called Lavender Heart. It is was here that I learned that when you believe in something with your whole being, as I do Reiki, that people feel and are attracted to that energy! My Reiki practice began to grow, and I found myself doing less and less physical therapy.
Jumping ahead, I moved to Harrisburg five and a half years ago, knowing one person. I felt very guided that coming here was the next step for me (and Reiki), and I have been doing Reiki full- time ever since. I created Reiki by Rickie ~ ReikiSpace & Learning Place 4/1/13. I now have a very busy personal practice, 14 ReikiSpace Practitioners all trained by me, a Mentorship program and an active Classroom/Workshop/Event space all in a beautiful, peaceful setting that is both nurturing and professional. Everyone who comes in can feel the energy right away. I am Home…..
Filled with Love and Gratitude, Rickie

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