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“The Source is the Source, of course, of course!”

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“The Source is the Source, of course, of course!”

February 15, 2015
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I have come to understand a personal Truth about Energy (as it  is for me) that I’d like to share with you.

It is said with Reiki that “The more you use it, the stronger it flows”. (I have said this many times myself, because indeed this is what it feels like).  Sharing Reiki every day consciously I have come to the following new interpretation. What I Believe is that “The Source is the Source, of course, or course”- In other words I perceive the Source of the Energy as the Highest Frequency Vibration. If this is true, then the Reiki isn’t getting stronger. What is changing is US! As we release more and more layers of what is not our True Essence , we come closer to the Truth of who we really are (Unconditional Love). As we become clearer , the Source Energy is able to flow through us clearer, and we are more able to connect with it.

I also Believe, therefore, that there is no “Next Level”, no Higher Vibration of another name. We just continue to become more deeply healed, more of who we are truly meant to be, more of our True Self. From this place, we are consciously able to connect to the Energy that connects us all and share it freely. Others FEEL it more strongly as well.

I Know that as I continue with my personal healing, self Reiki, receiving Reiki and sharing Reiki, my understanding may continue to expand and shift. I am open to all possibilities.

Love, Light and Joy, Rickie

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ReikiSpace featured in Natural Awakenings Magazine

November 17, 2014
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ALWAYS more to Learn…

November 3, 2014
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I attended the Mid-Atlantic Reiki Conference this weekend. Always so Wonderful to be surrounded by Positive Loving Energy as we all Learn, Grow and support each other.  Reiki itself Blossoms as you use it and incorporate it into your everyday world. The more you use it, the stronger it flows. The more your Share it, the more Powerful it becomes for ourselves, each other and the World. There is no competition, no “Better” Reiki, no “Higher” Reiki – Everyone finds their own way to the Source of all Connecting Energy. It really is “All Good”!

I really enjoyed the variety of topics presented at this conference. The first was “Animal Reiki”. Kathleen Lester, founder of the Animal Reiki Alliance, is already teaching Animal Reiki in ReikiSpace. I did learn about a couple of her other offerings that may be of interest in ReikiSpace – “Animal Communication for Reiki Healers” and Crystal Healing for Animals”. Does either of those interest YOU?

Presenting next were Susan Lieberman and Andrea Grace, founders of the Natural Healing Alliance, a non-profit organization to help promote Professionalism including Ethics Training, Standards of Practice, Infection Control, Informed Consent, Re-certification, and Practice Guidelines. There was discussion about the legalities concerning the language we use discussing Reiki. I resonated with that, and I spend quite a bit of time with my Reiki lllA Master/Practitioner students practicing how to share Reiki with meaningful words in various scenarios.  We also discussed the legalities of practice related to the “License to Touch”. This has been cropping up in near-by states and is something we need to watch closely. Thankfully, as a P.T., I am covered.

The Keynote Speaker was Mari Hall, sharing “In the Heart of Reiki, There is Only Love”. Her personal Transformation Stories were Inspirational, and she has attuned over 50,000 students to Reiki! (Made me wish I have been keeping count…)

Following a Deeply Meditative Sound Immersion with Patricia Norton, there was an Excellent Panel Discussion on “Healthcare Programs that Incorporate Reiki”. The panel included  Dr. Harold Bob, MD, Luann Jacobs Speech/Language Pathologist, and Donna Audia RN- all also Reiki Masters. In traditional Medical Settings, the topic of Languaging Reiki comes up again. Thankfully, coming from a more traditional practice, this is something I am very comfortable with. The biggest continuing question is who pays for Reiki Professionals in these settings. There are several prominent Medical Centers already offering CAM, and some reputable research, although there is alot more work to be done in this are. Please ask me if you’d like more info about existing programs or Reiki Research.

The final presentation by Paula Michal-Johnson included amazing photos from her recent pilgrimage to Japan including Mt. Kurama.

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MORE Frequently asked Reiki Questions…

October 26, 2014
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“Is Reiki Religious?” Reiki has no formal dogma associated with it all. You don’t need to be religious to share or receive Reiki or it’s benefits. Your deep Inner Wisdom will draw whatever energy your body needs and is ready for, to help you be more Balanced. This is not about your thinking mind. There is Healing energy all around us. When any part of us is ill, stressed or diseased, we actually vibrate at a lower frequency- that is why we feel “drained” and exhausted. We will Naturally draw energy from Higher Frequency sources in an attempt to achieve Homeostasis, or Balance. This is a property of nature, which we emulate. That being said, many people feel more “Connected” as they move along the Reiki path, and are more able to tap into into their inner resources which helps healing, and can provide Clarity and Guidance.

“What is the difference between Reiki and Massage?” Reiki is shared on a Massage type table, but it is done fully clothed. It is non-invasive and non-manipulative, therefore everyone can receive Reiki- from the tiniest premature infants, to a pregnant woman, to someone elderly or in the dying process. The touch is very gentle, and Reiki can also be shared slightly off the body in the energy field.

“Why would someone want/need to receive Reiki if they are dying?” Reiki can be Healing on many levels with or without being curing. Reiki may help with pain, anxiety, and sleep issues. It may help reduce the side effects of medications. It may help them to come to a more Peaceful acceptance of the dying process. It provides a Positive, Peaceful, Loving, Nurturing context for Healing amidst the stress…

“Will I be able to go off my anti-depressants (or any other medication)?” Reiki practitioners may never diagnose. This is a decision made in conjunction with your physician. I have had clients be able to gradually reduce some of their medications as their system becomes more Balanced and less stressed, but that is never up to me to decide. I believe in Integrative Medicine – utilizing the best of all resources available.

“How often should I come for Reiki Sessions?” It is recommended that the first three Reiki Sessions be shared a little closer together- maybe a week apart from each other. The first three sessions work in a series for your Balance-the first working primarily physically. As you open up and become more comfortable with the process and your Practitioner, the work can go a little deeper. The second session tends to work primarily on the mental/emotional/stress level- this is what often underlies our physical symptoms. The third session goes a little deeper yet to the Spiritual level- your connection to whatever you see as the Source that connects us all, and your connection to you deep inner resources. By the end of three, you will be in a better place of Balance to begin your Healing from, and you will have a good sense of what Reiki is doing for you! After that, it is very individualized. If Reiki is part of your Wellness and Balancing program, then once a month is great – I believe everyone could use a Balancing at least once a month! If you are more actively working on something- whether it be physical pain, stress, or just wanting more Clarity and Guidance during transitional periods, then you may choose to have Reiki more frequently to support your Healing and Personal Growth. Some people choose to come more often, because they LOVE it- it is like a mini-vacation. You can never overdose on Reiki!

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