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“Reiki by Rickie” ReikiVoice Certification at the Northeast Reiki Retreat

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Date(s) - Thu 5/1/2025
9:00 am - 5:30 pm

Silver Bay YMCA
87 Silver Bay Rd
Silver Bay, NY  12874


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“The human voice is the most powerful healing instrument of change in our world. May we consecrate our voices to being vessels of Healing, Truth, Grace and Compassion”.

Join Rickie Meryl Freedman, Reiki Master/Teacher, Owner of Reiki by Rickie ~ ReikiSpace & Learning Place and Certified in ReikiSound and ReikiVoice Instructor to EXPERIENCE the healing power of YOUR voice. We will use our voices for singing, toning, chanting, speaking and humming for our personal well-being and with our clients. NO Voice Experience necessary- this is not about singing ability. We will access your voices in a comfortable way. EMPOWER and heal your throat energy and your Voice! 

This class will include:● Chanting the Reiki Symbol Kotodamas and the Japanese Reiki Healing Principles;● Learning the Sacred Vowel Sounds and Seed Syllables of the elements;● Reiki Humming;● how to use our Reiki speaking voices to talk about Reiki in a meaningful and grounded way.

You will also learn:

– how to begin overcoming fear of sounding your voice

–  how to begin using your voice as a healing instrument

– how to begin developing and working with your vocal intuition

– how silence holds important messages for us

– to work with the vibrations of the frame drum

Lots of practice time! Timing includes an hour break for Silver Bay lunch and dinner.

Testimonials: “I’ve been practicing and teaching Reiki for years. This class though, changed the whole practice for me. Like Rickie Meryl Freedman says, the ReikiVoice can get under deep seated conditions and lift them out. I’m so grateful to Rickie for offering this certification course… You’ve taught me so much!

“Rickie Meryl Freedman is a very nurturing teacher. She will help you every step of the way”

“Voice is Power; Voice is Vibration; Voice is Energy
Uncover the hidden power in your voice so you can heal your own wounds, transform lives and make a small yet profound difference in our world.
If you are held back by your voice, if you are not speaking your truth, and if you know there’s much more in you than the voice that doesn’t reflect who you truly are, allow Rickie Meryl Freedman to unlock your true potential in a safe space through this powerful class”

You will receive a ReikiVoice Attunement, Manual and Certificate. Prerequisite is Reiki ll Certification. Max 12 people




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