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…With Our Hands – Creative Workshop with Raine Dawn Valentine

Date(s) - Sat 3/26/2022
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

ReikiSpace & Learning Place
2793 Old Post Rd., Suite 10
Harrisburg, PA  17110


“Grandma, how do you deal with pain?”

“With your hands, dear. When you do it with your mind, the pain hardens even more.”

“With your hands, grandma?”

“Yes, yes. Our hands are the antennas of our Soul. When you move them by sewing, cooking, painting, touching the earth or sinking them into the earth, they send signals of caring to the deepest part of you and your Soul calms down. This way she doesn’t have to send pain anymore to show it.

“Are hands really that important?”

“Yes my girl. Think of babies: they get to know the world thanks to their touch.

When you look at the hands of older people, they tell more about their lives than any other part of the body.

Everything that is made by hand, so it is said, is made with the heart because it really is like this: hands and heart are connected.

Think of lovers: When their hands touch, they love each other in the most sublime way.”

“My hands grandma… how long since I used them like that!”

“Move them my love, start creating with them and everything in you will move.

The pain will not pass away. But it will be the best masterpiece. And it won’t hurt as much anymore, because you managed to embroider your Essence.”

~Elena Barnabé


This workshop will be based around using our hands to heal and move through grief. 

We will connect with our inner creator and bring about manifestations that move us to heal.


What does it mean to embroider our Essence? To add details to our essence that make it more interesting. Taking the darkness we all go through, and bringing life and light to it through creating with our hands.


Participants will have an opportunity to receive an intuitive henna design from 12-1pm if interested, for $20 additional fee. From 1-3pm participants will engage in hands-on activities to create a unique painting that will be a visual representation of our process of healing and manifesting a life that moves us. 

Raine Dawn Valentine is an Indigenious Intuitive Artist, Spiritual Leader and Teacher.   FB: Raine Dawn – Indigenous Intuitive artist  IG:


Bookings are closed for this event.

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