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Understanding QI and Harmony with Orazio Chiodo

Date(s) - Sun 10/9/2016
10:00 am - 3:00 pm

ReikiSpace & Learning Place
2793 Old Post Rd., Suite 10
Harrisburg, PA  17110


The goal of this workshop is to define and create a concrete understanding of Harmony and Qi. We will look at how they relate to our being; as well as, our interactions with the universe. Orazio will open the mind while exploring Qi as a medical fact, not magic and mysticism.

Majority of the instruction given in the workshop will relate to Taoist theory of creation. Western medicine understands the mechanisms of the human body from a purely physical perspective, which leaves “gaps” in the explanation to “how things work”.  Taoist and Qi theory will fill in the gaps, giving an explanation that not only makes sense, but will be understandable.

If you have questions that need answered in a medical/physical definition, this is the workshop for you. Afterall; the reality of one believing Qi exist, along with harmony, needs to be complete by having the knowledge of “how”.  This knowledge will enhance your strength as a holistic practitioner. You will walk away empowered.

Orazio Chiodo is the CEO of Bushido Concepts.  He is an Instructor of Wild Goose Qigong, a certified massage therapist, a martial artist, and a personal trainer. He is a Veteran of the “Desert Storm” and “Iraqi Freedom”; “Enduring Freedom”.

Orazio has embraced the knowledge he gained from being a combat medic (physiology), along with the acupuncture principles he learned.  These principles being, how to apply it to the martial arts by mastering the ability to cause an energetic in-balance within the body by performing four different levels of incapacitation. Having this ability allows for the understanding of how to correct the in-balances that are caused.

Over time Orazio has grown to understand the principles of Medical Qigong and how in its completion, it can be applied to everything we do.  In addition, Orazio has been attuned to perform Reiki level 2.  He has merged all his wisdom towards helping individuals strengthen and maintain overall well-being physically, emotionally, and mentally.

He is currently studying under Master Hui Liu, her husband, Dr. Y. C. Chiang, and their daughter, Dr. Erlene Chiang, to become a Dayan Qigong Instructor.  Orazio photo


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