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Sound Journey Meditation with Angela Miele

Date(s) - Sun 5/19/2019
11:00 am - 12:30 pm

ReikiSpace & Learning Place
2793 Old Post Rd., Suite 10
Harrisburg, PA  17110


Sound Journey Meditation

We will begin with open discussion, sharing what is in our energy fields at the time. Much is gained by community sharing and we all are supported by the divine and we support each other .Then we will settle into an alchemical journey of the heart.

This sound journey meditation is a melding of vibrations and frequency that brings you in harmony with your soul. Relax into the sounds of the medicine drum, alchemy crystal singing bowls, voice toning and more. The combination of sounds relax your mind, body and soul and allow you to drop deeply into your heart, into a deep meditative state, even if you can’t meditate on your own. This is where you commune with your divinity and Source of all that is. All types of healing can occur , if you surrender to it.

Angela brings in the energy of the Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness, supported by the Ascended Masters Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Anna the Grandmother of Yeshua and more. Her voice toning carries codes of light guided to aid your healing, activations and awakening. Her voice is soothing, melodic and loving, much like a lullaby. Join her, in this beautiful expression of divine love and grace, on a journey of remembering who we truly are.


Angela Miele is a way-shower/light-worker, here to guide humanity into their hearts, to commune with their Higher Self and Source, so you may feel the divine love within you and ultimately remember who you truly are. This is what healing is, releasing all ideas of separation and remembering we are all in union with each other and Source. She openly shares her experiences of awakening to aid you on your journey.

Her practices with energy and sound have been remembered through the guidance of her higher self and continues to evolve and grow. She is guided by the Ascended Masters, a vessel of Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness, delivering codes of light and Divine Grace for your healing and remembrance.  

 Angela also creates healing jewelry, Light-Infused Jewelry, with the alchemical combination of  Divine Love of the Sacred Heart and the energies of crystals and gemstones .This comes in memory of her past as a healer of energy fields utilizing gemstones and crystals. Each piece has its own energy signature and you will naturally be attracted to the piece that will benefit your energy field, for your highest good. May it bring you as much joy as it has brought her in making it.

She shares her stories in a vlog “Courage to Journey” on her Youtube channel at She is also available for Skype healing sessions, group sound healing meditations, and Light-Infused Jewelry.  For more information visit her website at .
Healing is, remembering you’re light.
Private sessions with Angela available at 1:15, 2:30 and 4:00/ Contact Rickie to reserve your time!


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