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Numerology 1.0 with Jofa Kauffman

Date(s) - Tue 8/17/2021
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

ReikiSpace & Learning Place
2793 Old Post Rd., Suite 10
Harrisburg, PA  17110


You may have heard the term “Numerology”, but do you know the basics about Numerology?  Jofa M. Kauffman will lead you on a journey into numbers and what they can tell us about ourselves, our lives and our future.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • What Is Numerology?
  • How Does Numerology Work?
  • What Can Numerology Tell Us?
  • Can Numerology Predict the Future?
  • Discover Your Own Personal Year Number
  • What Are Core Numbers?
  • Discover Your Own Life Path Number

During the event, you will learn what your Personal Year is and how to work with the energy of the year.  You’ll also discover your own Life Path Number and what that can tell you about yourself. So, let’s take a trip from 1 to 9.


Jofa M. Kauffman, Numerologist

Are you wondering how to properly pronounce Jofa? It looks like it should be pronounced like sofa, but it’s actually pronounced like Hoffa from Jimmy Hoffa. Her name may look like she’s from another country, but be assured, she’s Pennsylvania Dutch through and through, born and raised in south Central Pennsylvania. Gotta love those apple dumplings!

Jofa started Spirited Events by Jofa in 2014  offering unique and intimate spiritual, metaphysical and paranormal events to clients with the occasional fun girls weekend events thrown in there. With the onset of the COVID pandemic, she began offering online events which has allowed clients from all across the country to join in.

Having been an insurance professional for over 25 years including Executive Director of a physician owned PPO and CEO of a third party administrator, one day Jofa realized she wanted more out of life.  Having run-her-course in the insurance industry, she had an overwhelming desire to explore metaphysics, spirituality and the paranormal.  Hence, Spirited Events by Jofa was born.

Jofa has taken her own spiritual journey searching to find her life purpose and a better understanding of she is by utilizing vision boards, mediums, psychics, numerology, astrology, Human Design, Gene Keys, hand and fingerprint analysis and a lot of deep meditation and soul searching.  The journey has been revealing and validated that she’s on the right path.  In addition, she’s learned invaluable lessons from each and every presenter and is happy to share what she’s learned with others to assist them on their own personal journey.

Numerology has resonated most with Jofa and she has been fortunate to study under Alison Baughman, a master numerologist and author of “Speaking To Your Soul Through Numerology” and “Get His Number:  A Numerologist’s Guide to What He Isn’t Telling You”.  Through numerology, Jofa has assisted many in search of their life purpose, how to make the most of their natural gifts and talents and how to address their challenges and karmic debt.  She particularly enjoys helping clients flow with the energy of their life to make the most of challenging and easy times.

As host of these events, Jofa has introduced clients to numerous gifted speakers presenting a multitude of metaphysical modalities, spiritual topics and paranormal explorations that open up new and exciting ways of thinking and living.

Over the years, Jofa worked with experienced paranormal investigators and gifted psychic/mediums learning the ins and outs of paranormal investigation.  She has been fortunate to visit many notorious haunted locations as well as assisting those who have experienced unknown activity in their own homes and work places.  Full-bodied apparitions, shadow figures, white mists, disembodied voices and footsteps are all part of her paranormal experiences.  She enjoys electronic voice phenomena (EVP) and has found that she has been very successful in gathering disembodied voices on recordings.

Jofa’s strengths are manifesting, supporting others in their uniqueness and being a creative force in the world by bringing creativity, beauty and individuality to myself and others.  She is able to distill complex and elusive information and make it clearer to impart to others.  Jofa’s hand analysis shows gift markers of a Meaning Maker / Spiritual Teacher, Messenger and Seer.  Using her empathic gifts and intuitiveness, she derives her deepest satisfaction in helping others.


This event is fully booked.

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