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New Energy Paradigm…have you felt the change?

Date(s) - Thu 4/20/2017
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

ReikiSpace & Learning Place
2793 Old Post Rd., Suite 10
Harrisburg, PA  17110


Have you felt the change in the energy you connect or work with? Do you feel limited by old stories and paradigms that are holding you back? Are you ready to take your connection to Energy to the next level?


Then join us for this a powerful evening with DZAR in which you’ll…

  • learn about the shift in energies for healing and personal change that is occurring
  • experience a powerful energy transmission from DZAR that will open you to a new level of energetic connection
  • enhance your connection to energy to improve your results
  • begin the clear the blocks that are restricting your connection to energy
  • be able to ask questions directly of DZAR about the Energy you work with


This evening is for

  • healers & energy workers
  • anyone who is on a spiritual path who connects with energy


Places are limited for this powerful evening so REGISTER NOW!


Who is DZAR? 

DZAR (pronounced ZAR) is a channeled Energy of Compassion sought out by people from all around the world for the insights and guidance they share. They are an expression of the creative consciousness that pervades our universe. Channeled by bestselling Australian authors Gary & Mary O’Brien since 2008, they work with groups and individuals to create changes in their lives that bring more joy and a stronger connection to their Souls, to other people and to the earth itself. Their work begins at the level of the individual. Their goal is the transformation of humanity and the planet.


Their work gives practical tools and understandings to embrace your own deep knowing of who you are beyond your physical identity and to become the catalyst for change in your family, community and the world around you, to become the Light that guides the way for others and dispels the darkness experienced by so many.


DZAR’s words are encoded with an Energetic transmission, called the Frequency Conversation, that enables people to shift at deep levels simply by sitting in their presence and engag- ing in the conversation they lead as well as working with the practical tools and processes taught on the workshops. Their groups and individual readings are humorous and playful as well as giving direct and compassionate guidance to help us to experience more joy, freedom and connection in our lives The evening will include a meditation, Q&A time and you’ll also receive an mp3 recording of the powerful information and frequency from the night.


PLACES ARE LIMITED. PLEASE REGISTER TO RESERVE YOUR SEAT. Your investment includes a Recording of the evening!

Private Sessions available in ReikiSpace on 4/21. Reserve your appointment time at:



Bookings are closed for this event.

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