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Mystic Drum Painting Workshop with Jennifer Rabenstein

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Date(s) - Sat 2/18/2023
1:30 pm - 4:30 pm


You are invited to take part in a journey to paint your own drum. Mystics are capable of going within to discover truths, guidance, and knowledge. Jennifer will guide you through your own mystic meditation for you to retrieve inspiration to use on your drum. When the creative flow is at its best each person will get to bring life to their drum by painting it. At the closure of our creative work with the drums we will bring them together in a sacred circle and acknowledge the medicine each one brings.

Maximum of 7 people (minimum of 3)

Energy Exchange: $66 *(drum not included)

Saturday February 18 1:30-4:30


Welcome to this mystical drum journey!

The journey actually started the moment you said YES! The next part of this journey is seeking out the ‘perfect for you’ drum. If you are new to the call of the drum you may be standing in a daze as to what steps are needed to find your drum, or maybe you are already familiar with the call of the drum and are spinning with ideas of what drum you will get. Receive a deep breath in, and release it allowing your body and mind to settle in, in, in…where you will find out you will know the drum when you find it.

Remo synthetic drums are the recommended ones to use for painting.

There are two main types of Remo synthetic drums you can get.

“Frame Hand Drums” range from 10”-14” and are the less expensive option. These drums you hold by the rim and play with your hand (or you can make or buy a mallet).

“Buffalo drums” have a rope back and mallet and can be gotten from 10”-22.”

You can also get Remo synthetic tambourines 10-12” at very reasonable prices.

The smaller the size the higher the pitch. The larger the size the lower the pitch.

Hand drums are played with your hand, though you could purchase a mallet separately.

Buffalo drums play louder and the sound vibrates/carries longer.

You can trust that whatever drum you order is the one that will be meant for you. Or you can try out some drums to decide what to order. Jennifer has her own collection of drums in Dillsburg that you would be welcome to come play them if you are looking to figure out better what you are looking for.

Places online to order: Amazon, Walmart, & Guitar Center. Note the shipping dates to make sure you get it before our workshop. If you find another place with a “good deal” investigate if it’s a scam!

Once you have your drum it can be nice to get to know it a bit. Experiment with the sounds it makes, where you feel it resonate in your body, and maybe even hear some messages it stirs up from your inner being. Place it somewhere it is seen often enough, you can even set some sacred things near it to infuse it with some good intentions.

If you have any questions along this part of your journey, reach out to Jennifer Rabenstein:

Email:, Call/Text: (717)756-7079

Jennifer is a compassionate inspiration to create a life you love. It is important to her to hold space for others to feel appreciated, supported, inspired, and optimistic, all while having fun and enjoying life. She is the sole proprietor of Holistic Hearts, where she offers a variety of holistic healing services.

Along her path she has become a Modern Day Priestess, Shamanic practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, a certified reflexologist, a registered yoga teacher (RYT200), and an artist. She has strengthened her skills by pursuing and practicing ReikiSound, animal Reiki, animal communication, crystal Reiki, art therapy, color therapy, henna art, life coaching, and spiritual healing.  She collaborates and connects with others in private sessions, social gatherings, circles, workshops and retreats. Jennifer is grateful for all the tools she has on hand to utilize with her own healing and to share it with others.

Jennifer’s own life has its challenges in which she feels are important life lessons. Gradually losing her eyesight to Stargardts (a hereditary form of macular degeneration) she has received a different perspective about the world she sees. Though she is losing her eyesight, she is strengthening her vision. She and her husband homeschool their two sets of twins in what they have called, “Elements of Life Academy.” As a family they have fun, imagine, create, study and practice the “one heart way” through Isshinryu karate, learn life lessons, address their individual needs, build confidence and awareness, embark on family adventures, explore nature, and always remind each other that everyone has a story. Jennifer believes there are opportunities every day to create a life you love.



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