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Humming for Health…the importance of Sound” Playshop with Tammy and Jack Bray

Date(s) - Sun 5/17/2020
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

ReikiSpace & Learning Place
2793 Old Post Rd., Suite 10
Harrisburg, PA  17110


Our voice is one of the most extraordinary instruments on the planet.  With this, we can become maestros at facilitating our own health, healing, and happiness.

You know that uplifting, calming feeling you may notice when you are humming?  That’s no accident.  In the book “The Humming Effect” by Jonathan Goldman and Andi Goldman, they write that “Humming is one of the simplest and yet most profound sounds we can make.  If you have a voice and can speak, you can hum”. 

Research has shown humming to be much more than a self-soothing sound: it affects us on a physical level, reducing stress, inducing calmness, and enhancing sleep as well as lowering heart rate and blood pressure and producing powerful neurochemicals such as oxytocin, the ‘love’ hormone and the compound Nitric Oxide (NO), a neural transmitter that is fundamental to our health and well-being.  A compromise in NO release is a precursor to many diseases i.e. heart disease, ALS, Alzheimer’s, depression, digestive disorders, etc.  

Humming balances the nervous system just as a tuning fork does.  No gadgets or expensive technology is required.  You do not need to be a musician or singer to benefit from sound healing practices.  Knowledge about yourself from within, attained through experiences and practice, is self empowering.

  We hope this encourages you to join us for the opportunity to play with humming, and experience creating more of those uplifting feelings from inside of yourself.  

At the heart of your health and healing are your body’s energies. 

At the heart of your body’s energies is vibration. 

The Humming Effect teaches you how to use your capacity to hum to create vibrations that promote health, healing, and higher consciousness

 (all together = Wellness)

Jack and Tammy Bray are the husband and wife team and creators of Joyful ViBRAYtions, offering uplifting experiences that bring people together for wellness and relaxation, and to remember our Spirits’ enjoyment of fun and play. They share a bimonthly Laughter Yoga club open to the community in York, PA, lead a monthly community drum circle in Hanover, PA, and encourage businesses, organizations, and groups to partner with them to share the healing power of play .

They are both certified as Laughter Yoga leaders and teachers, and have over 50 years of combined experience in the social services field. Jack is also certified as a Transformational Drum Circle Leader and Tammy is a Reiki Master and 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher. Together they also enjoy bike riding, gardening, hiking, camping, music, dancing, and just an overall connection with nature.


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