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Healing Expressive Paint Party

Date(s) - Sun 3/3/2019
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

ReikiSpace & Learning Place
2793 Old Post Rd., Suite 10
Harrisburg, PA  17110


Expressive Paint Party – Healing! 
Tap into your inner creative side as you are guided to express yourself through art! Art is a wonderful way of fostering creative growth, relieving stress, promoting an optimistic attitude along with other benefits! 
In this event you will be guided to focus on an area of your life that needs healing. Acrylic paint on canvas will become the visual outlet of your feelings. Everyone will get to experience a mini healing session before transforming their piece to reflect their shift!
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Jennifer Rabenstein has always had an artistic side. She has created with various mediums, but over the past two years she has dedicated herself to acrylic painting on canvas. Living in Dillsburg, PA she has been spreading her work locally and also in Florida. Jennifer has picked up techniques and inspiration as she goes. She particularly enjoys bringing elements of water into her pieces which is very fitting for a Pisces, and also likes bringing in pawprints which is very fitting for her connection with animals.
Jennifer paints from a different perspective. Having Stargardts, a hereditary form of macular degeneration, her eye sight has been deteriorating. Jennifer keeps her vision active by seeing and painting. She will often paint emotions, intuitively guided visions, and even pieces that reflect how her eyes see. Jennifer infuses Reiki into her pieces and brings them to life for others to experience.
Jennifer is enjoying her own self growing journey. As a Reiki Master -Teacher and Certified Reflexologist, she offers sessions in her home-based holistic healing practice, Holistic Hearts. As a mother of two sets of twins, she homeschools them (and herself) with a positive growth mind set to manifest their dreams. As a wife, she is part of the strongest relationship she has ever known. As an artist, she is sharing her art where ever she can and also offers Expressive Paint Parties to let others tap into their creative side! Jennifer is grateful for her journey so far, and is open for future growth in all areas of her life!
Kailee, her assistant (and daughter), has a very positive mind set and is like an inspirational muse to many! She is currently guiding Lana, her younger sister, in connecting and influencing others as well! They contribute to the flow of events and flutter about where needed. Kailee and Lana both have a contagious uplifting energy that comes from a source of unconditional love!

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