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An Introduction to Clinical Somatic Movement ~ “It’s an Inside Job” w/ Shelley Adler, Certified Essential Somatics Movement Teacher

Date(s) - Sun 2/5/2023
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

ReikiSpace & Learning Place
2793 Old Post Rd., Suite 10
Harrisburg, PA  17110



In my experience, lasting change happens over time.  Change does not always follow a linear path and its trajectory is often unpredictable.  My journey to relieve physical pain has been just that.  It has been a decade long meandering path that led me to heights that I never dared to imagine.

As the severe sciatic pain on my left side worsened, I followed the yellow brick road in search of holistic modalities to relieve the pain.  Each brick along the way has been a marker to measure the earnestness of my search and my concomitant belief that the next healing modality would be “The One.” Each of the modalities relieved the pain and discomfort for a time, but then it found its way back as if it could not bear to be parted from me.

Then late one night in a hotel room in Nashville, Tennessee in the spring of 2019, I started a Google search for exercises to relieve the psoas muscle, as my massage therapist suggested that a tight psoas was contributing to my pain.  The first thing that appeared in my search was Martha Peterson’s Essential Somatics website.  I devoured every morsel of information, as if I had been starving for sustenance.  I spread out a large towel on the floor of the hotel room and began to follow her instructions on several YouTube videos.   This was the beginning of the journey back to myself in ways that were not apparent to me at the time.  Today, I remain free of the debilitating sciatic pain that plagued me for almost a decade.  From this life altering personal experience grew my desire to teach this exquisitely simple yet profound movement practice; and, ultimately to make Somatics a household word.

These gentle movement techniques quickly reduce accumulated muscle tension and stress in the body so that it can move freely and efficiently without pain.  In the words of Thomas Hanna, the founder of Clinical Somatic Movement:

“You are turning on the lights on certain areas of your body, being more aware and more in control. Greater awareness leads to greater movement and control”

Please join me in Reiki Space for an opportunity to explore your unique patterns of movement, posture and holding your body.  You will learn the one “super sauce” technique that resets your central nervous system and empowers you to sense and feel more of yourself.

Class size is limited to allow for individualized attention.  All attendees will receive a certificate for a complimentary in person class.

To register, please email Shelley at or call 717-576-7286. Requires min of 4 people


Bookings are closed for this event.

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