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A Hypnotic Afternoon with John Stewart

Date(s) - Sun 3/18/2018
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

ReikiSpace & Learning Place
2793 Old Post Rd., Suite 10
Harrisburg, PA  17110


John returns to Reiki Space with an entertaining and interactive event about hypnosis.

Learn that hypnosis is not magical (Though it works like magic!) but is instead, a natural and normal state of mind in which YOU can instruct and direct your subconscious mind and body.

Participate in several FUN and interesting hypnotic activities. In-between laughs, you will learn that hypnosis is not only fun, but can also be powerful tool.

Imagination is the language of your internal (subconscious) mind and your internal state of mind is reflected externally. As you learn how to create excellence within, you will naturally begin to experience excellence in every aspect of your life.

You deserve to choose your own future! Let us show you how  hypnosis can put  you in the driver’s seat  so you can  confidently take control of your thoughts, behaviors and habits.


John Stewart is a Certified Hypnotherapist at Lancaster Hypnotherapy.

His clients typically feel happy and refreshed following their hypnosis sessions and life changing results typically begin right away.


Bookings are closed for this event.

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