I was fortunate to attend the Mid Atlantic Reiki Conference in November, 2016, wherein Rickie Freedman presented “From Passion to Profession – Yes You Can!” before a large group (more than 100) of Reiki practitioners of all levels.  Her professionalism and fluidity showed an expertise and true passion for this subject, which reached the audience at all levels represented.  The information was relevant to me personally, and I found it to be the most beneficial session of the convention.  Additionally, there were questions asked that were not relative to the purpose of this presentation, but actually provided a moment to shine brighter as Rickie exhibited poise, composure, and heartfelt love in her responses that also directed the presentation back to the heart of the subject.  The delivery throughout the discussion was consistently informative, valuable, joyous and loving, and it was an honor to watch a professional engage an audience in such a manner. ND