R.S. – Harrisburg / PA

It is an absolute pleasure to write a recommendation for Rickie. If you haven’t met Rickie, you will soon see why she is unforgettable. Rickie has a natural, calming presence that soothes anyone she meets. She is a high-spirited, sparkling person with a contagious smile and warmth of heart. Recently, I attend a seminar hosted by Rickie, called, “The Power of a Positive Attitude.” These two hours were some of the most insightful and genuine moments in my life. She taught me that anyone – absolutely anyone in any circumstance or walk of life – can be happy as long as he or she chooses to be. I am excited to continue my journey to happiness and even more excited for my first Reiki session in August. I have a feeling I will be writing another recommendation boasting Rickie’s consuming talents.