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Rickie Freedman

Rickie Freedman

July 19, 2013

Meet Rickie

Rickie Freedman is a Reiki Master/Teacher and Physical Therapist. Her focus is the integration of complimentary healing with traditional healthcare. Her specialty is “Reiki by Rickie – Gentle Touch, Deep Healing”. Reiki sessions are DEEPLY relaxing and heal at the SOURCE of stress. These sessions may also include “Intuitive Personal-Growth Guidance”, Therapeutic Aromatherapy Massage to specific areas, Indian Head Massage, Chakra foot Massage and more. In addition to pain and stress management, Rickie’s expertise includes working with addictive behaviors, children, elder adults and terminally ill clients.

Rickie teaches Reiki classes of all levels including “Reiki for Healthcare Professionals”, and conducts workshops including “Introduction to Reiki”, Stress Management, “Power of a Positive Attitude”, and Chakra Healing and Balancing. Rickie brings a positive, joyous, loving attitude and a calming energy to all her work.

My Reiki Story

I first learned about Reiki in 1994 when friends of mine took a Reiki 1 Class, and I babysat for their son. When they returned home, they practiced their new skills on me. I was in the midst of a very emotional time in my life, and the Reiki had a very strong effect on me. It was then I decided to pursue Reiki initially for my own emotional healing. Being a Physical Therapist, a hands-on healer, nurturer and caregiver, I was very quickly drawn to begin using Reiki with others.

Each level of Reiki I learned, I was very excited with, and didn’t think I would need to pursue it further. However, when something is part of your path and purpose, as Reiki is for me, you are drawn along each step of the way. Through the course of several years and many synchronicities, I gradually became a Reiki Master/Teacher.

Initially I began practicing Reiki from my home for friends, co-workers and family in a special room I created.  I didn’t charge a fee- I just had a Love Donation box, and each person offered whatever they felt comfortable giving. To this day, I am still a big believer in trading services when appropriate. In 1998, a nurse I worked with at the nursing home where I was doing my P.T. work opened a small wellness center in downtown Lewisburg called “Lavender Heart”.  I agreed to try my Reiki practice there. My heart-felt belief in Reiki radiated and I attracted a growing practice there.

A few months later, the nurse left and I took over Lavender Heart. The little practice was beginning to thrive when the building had a fire.  For several months, I traveled with my portable table to continue providing Reiki to my faithful clients. I finally found a great space downtown Lewisburg, and opened “Lavender Heart Reiki Center”, where I happily practiced and taught classes until I moved to Harrisburg 12/08.

The universe has provided me with a very strong message that Harrisburg is the next step for my work, and I am happy and excited to be here. I remain in total faith that I will continue to be led every step of the way on this path of Light and Love.

I am making wonderful connections here, and am already very involved with the Integrative Medicine Committee in Hershey.  Harrisburg is about expanding my vision, continuing my healing work, and lots of education. In addition to Reiki classes of all levels, I am already teaching “Reiki for Healthcare Professionals”, and offering workshops on Gratitude, and Stress Management. Imminent plans include Reiki for Kids, Reiki for Caregivers, and Reiki for Parents of Challenging Children.

The rest remains to be written!

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