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Brenda Tadych blogs about her Reiki Experience with the Dolphins!

Brenda Tadych blogs about her Reiki Experience with the Dolphins!

March 14, 2017

Dolphins and Diamonds

“Reiki (pronounced Ray-Kee) is a gentle, holistic, hands-on energy healing technique for stress management and deep relaxation” – Reiki by Rickie

This year I have a standing monthly appointment for a one-hour session.  No two Reiki treatments are ever the same.  I might feel tingling inside my body, or an extra third hand on my body.  The time might be spent in a blissful nap, or it might seem that the hour could not possibly have been more than 30 minutes.

Last night, the background music included sounds of dolphins calling.  My limbs jerked a few times, as if I had been slightly startled out of a sleep, as I settled into that space of peace.  In a short time, I became one with those dolphins.

I laid flat as I was on the table and floated under water.  The blingy rhinestones on my shirt were the same navy color as the shirt, and they sparkled under the water as if they were diamonds that the sun shined on.

My thought drifted to the fireman who died tragically, hit by an impaired driver as he was leaving a funeral and en route to assist at another fire, where a child died.  The tragedy fills my eyes with tears and I can only imagine the devastation for his wife, children, family and his fire brethren.  And I think that he was a diamond in life, living and giving selflessly.  His will surely be a funeral where the masses will come to pay their respects in lines that wrap around the building.  He sparkled like a diamond, like my underwater rhinestones, throughout his life and then his life as we know it ended, and his body lay in wait at the morgue, and he will be buried or kept atop a mantle, and his sparkle will remain.  His Soul, everlasting, maintains its shimmer and brilliance and it doesn’t matter about his human body.  His Light will never go out.

A human-like dolphin-faced creature makes itself known as a Spirit Guide of mine.  I ask for its name and that was humorous to it – the human need for labels and names.  “I am Grolfin,” he telepathically messages to me, enjoying the play on the word “fin.”

He shows me that the sparkly blue rhinestones are like the Soul.  If I sunk to the bottom of the water, the sun’s rays would still reach down and reflect light on the many jeweled Souls, and their reflections would illuminate up to the air.  Our Light, our Soul, never diminishes, Grolfin tells me.

After the calming Reiki session, I wait at the side of the road as a fireman’s procession transports the expired body from the hospital to the funeral home where it will be prepared for its final resting place.  Ladders are crossed over intersections and non-military fire personnel salute him.  They still see his Light.

In perfect timing, I watched the sun set for ten minutes as I drove alongside the river.  Then the sky turned darker and darker, waiting to unleash millions of snowflakes upon us.  And I could feel the sun’s Light was still there, waiting for reemergence in twelve hours.  The Light may have been unseen, but it was still there for someone.  As it set in the west, it was rising in the east and those who witnessed it, were seeing its glimmer like a diamond.

And the snowflakes began falling.

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