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enLIGHT10 ~Tuned to Wellness with Jacqui LeBeau

Date(s) - Mon 10/10/2022
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

ReikiSpace & Learning Place
2793 Old Post Rd., Suite 10
Harrisburg, PA  17110


Biofield Tuning is a unique sound therapy method that provides targeted nervous system relaxation which can alleviate a wide range of health issues. It resolves distortion in your electromagnetic field, leaving you feeling calm, clear and free of stress. It takes the noise out of the signal, so that you are less influenced by past events and their impact. The shift in the field allows for profound and often lasting change in the body and mind.

Biofield Tuning is a powerful method that addresses precisely WHAT is keeping us stuck in rigid patterns of thoughts, behaviors and feelings.

Our life experiences leave us with recordings of what happened, how we felt about it, and how we perceived these events. We generally call these recordings “memories”, although often they are not at all remembered. These recordings continue to broadcast messages based on these events. Tuning forks can find these recordings, smooth out the distortion, and resolve them. With therapeutic sound, we can bypass the conscious mind, and work directly with our unconscious patterns, leading to real, lasting changes.

Disclaimer: Biofield Tuning is contraindicated for women who are at any stage of pregnancy, people with pacemakers, and anyone in treatment for cancer or other serious life threatening medical issues.  

What to expect during our session

Each Biofield Tuning session is unique based on the priority and needs of your own energy system. Each session allows time in the beginning for you to share your intentions for the session. You will then lay comfortably on a massage table (fully clothed), as I work around your Biofield with an assortment of tuning forks. Time is reserved at the end of the session to reflect and ask any questions.

How long will it take to see results?

While it’s not possible to provide any guarantees, the outcome of this targeted frequency-induced relaxation can be immediate and profound, reducing anxiousness, discomfort, and other distresses during the session, with other benefits unfolding in the days following a session. Recipients typically notice an improvement after just one session; however, the effects of energy healing are cumulative. Most issues are best served by a minimum of three sessions (but not required), which provides a solid foundation of well-being that promotes long-term results.

Your Self-Care Investment

Biofield Tuning Sessions are anywhere from 60 to 75 min in length.

 Introductory Session:


 Individual Session:
$95 In-person,

$80 Remote/phone

Package of Three Sessions:
$255 ($85 per session) In-person

$225 ($75 per Remote/phone session

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