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enLIGHT10 ~ Rooted Healing with Alexandria Jones

Date(s) - Sat 5/20/2023
11:00 am - 5:00 pm

ReikiSpace & Learning Place
2793 Old Post Rd., Suite 10
Harrisburg, PA  17110


Are you feeling anxious, stressed, or worried? Do you feel you have a lot to do but don’t know where to start? I know these sensations all too well, which is why I’ve created a deep rooted healing experience. Doesn’t feeling safe, secure, and grounded in your body sound much more fulfilling and energizing? 

According to various spiritual and religious traditions, the root chakra has to do with feeling grounded, safe, at home in your body, and connected to the Earth. “When the root chakra is functioning on a low expression, we can feel ungrounded, unreliable, unable to be practical, and be in avoidance of getting things done,” says Shaktidas.

The root chakra is a beautiful place to start your personal healing journey, as it is believed to be the foundation of the chakra system. 

In your rooted healing experience, you will be guided in movement, sound bath, meditation, ritual, affirmation, mantra, breath work, and gentle touch (Reiki) to activate, balance, and unblock the root chakra.

 60 Minutes Investment: $85; New Client Special $65!

Contact Alexandria directly to schedule: Email:      P: 717-478-8671

I am currently serving the community as a counselor for couples, relationships, and sex therapy. I am a Widener University Master of Social Work and Master of Human Sexuality Education graduate student with a wide variety of clinical experience currently being supervised by certified sex therapist Andreya Jones, MSW, LCSW, CST. I have experience working in a variety of therapeutic settings including working with sexual trauma survivors, HIV/AIDS positive clients, the LGBTQ+ community, and individuals in the Kink/BDSM lifestyle.

I firmly believe individuals from all backgrounds should have an inclusive, safe, and healing setting to work through life’s difficulties without judgment.

In addition to being a mental health professional, I am a Reiki Master, trained-mindfulness teacher in trauma-informed restorative yoga and meditation. I use a collaborative, trauma-informed, strengths-based, client-centered, and mindfulness-based approach when working with folks.

I love to travel internationally, and I enjoy painting, climbing, meditating, hiking, practicing yoga, and gratitude journaling.

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