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enLIGHT10 ~ Personal Photo Mandalas with Kim Sheaffer

Date(s) - Thu 3/16/2023
10:00 am - 7:00 pm

ReikiSpace & Learning Place
2793 Old Post Rd., Suite 10
Harrisburg, PA  17110


What is A Personal Photo Mandala?

Mandala means ‘circle’ in the Sanskrit language which can also signify the wholeness that surrounds us and all that is within us.  The central point or “focus point” within the mandala suggests there is a center within each one of us which represents our source of energy and power, or what we may refer to as our soul, our “Higher Self” or the “Christ within”.  Mandalas are primarily used during meditation while searching for personal growth and spiritual transformation.

A Personal Photo Mandala is a one of a kind mandala that is created from a photo of you.  Much like a mirror gives you a reflection of your “outer shell”, a Personal Photo Mandala, when used as a meditation tool, gives you areflection of the energy within yourself to help you achieve inner peace and a better understanding of self.  Although this is your personal mandala, I do provide an intuitive interpretation of your mandala for you, to give you key areas of focus to get you started using your mandala.  Some of these keypoints may be, but not limited to, totem animals, spirit guides, specific gemstones to consider using, or although rare, a loved one from the other side may come through with a message for you.

This session includes 1 4×6 printed Personal Photo Meditation Mandala of a photo taken by me, a brief interpretation of your mandala and instructions on how to use your mandala as a focal tool.  Cost is $30 for 25 minutes.

Alonger session with a more detailed interpretation of your mandala along with a one card draw, and it’s interpretation, from my “Invision It” Oracle Card Deck will also be offered for $60 for 55 minutes.  A 4×6 printed Personal Photo Meditation Mandala as well as an Invision It Positive Affirmation Card is included.

Bio: Born and raised in Central PA, Kim is nature lover and truly appreciates all the beauty that this area has to offer. She’s an avid photographer that loves to focus on “The Little Things” that often go unnoticed.  Kim loves to travel and is an avid crafter.  She is a dedicated MiMi that loves her grandchildren deeply.

Kim has produced InVision It Oracle Cards, InVision It Meditation Mandala Cards, InVision It Positive Affirmation Cards as well as an InVision It Guided Meditation CD.  She also is the Exclusive Artist of Personal Photo Meditation Mandalas.

Contact Kim directly to schedule at: or 717-571- 7554

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