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Awaken Elementals with Shawn Warnick

Date(s) - Wed 10/12/2022
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

ReikiSpace & Learning Place
2793 Old Post Rd., Suite 10
Harrisburg, PA  17110


The Mystery School tradition has always acknowledged and worked with the 11 races of magickal beings that share this planet with humans. These beings, known as the Elves, Fairies, Mer, Gypsies and many others, once lived in harmony with humans until it was necessary to hide for their survival. The time has come again to reveal this sacred knowledge of our Elemental Brothers and Sisters and to share their purpose and power with all those who are called.

You are invited to learn more about who these races are, their part in the evolution of humanity and how we can re-build harmonious and empowering relationships between all 12 Races of Earth. These teachings uncover ancient truths and methods to open keys for greater connection in your life.

We will be using the foundation training of sacred geometry from the mysteries to begin your journey to set the space for deeper connection to these magickal beings.

Cost $165 or $295 at the door, ask about discount if you have already taken Sacred Geometry 1

Must register contact

or see calendar to register thru Paypal


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