Qigong Classes with Orazio Chiodo

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Date(s) - Wed 2/21/2018
10:00 am - 11:30 am

ReikiSpace & Learning Place
2793 Old Post Rd., Suite 10
Harrisburg, PA  17110


Dayan Qigong is a traditional and comprehensive health system of “medical Qigong” with principles from the book of changes (Yijing) and the eight trigrams(Bagua). The movements were developed through observing the behaviors and activities of the wild goose. By practicing Dayan Qigong, one clears energetic obstructions and opens the body’s meridians. Those who are ill could get well by practicing this set; those who are healthy will be strengthened. The graceful and elegant movements are relatively easy to learn. Grandmaster Yang Mei Jun practiced the set continuously for over 100 years reaching an extraordinary level in the art of Qigong. With her skills she healed and taught people all over the world. We thank her for breaking tradition and making this ancient form of Chinese medicine public.

Master Hui Liu studied under grandmaster Yang Mei Jun closely for over 25 years. Hui Liu has been instructing teachers and students alike for 20 years in the Bay Area of California, and is carrying on the legacy. Hui Liu has been my instructor since 2013. I have been learning and instructing hard martial arts for 35 years . When I returned home from my final deployment in Iraq, I could not continue my martial arts career due to several injuries. And my journey in the soft systems of healing and the martial arts began. After several doctors and tests I was told that modern medicine could do nothing for my pain and injuries. Not wanting to live my life in this way I set out to cure myself, or at least raise my quality of life physically. This is when I first learned of Qigong, and I have been a devoted student ever since.

Dayan Qigong is different from other forms of Qigong and martial arts, because it doesn’t emphasize breathing techniques. Instead, it employs movements and thoughts to stimulate the human body’s electromagnetic energy flow, known as Qi. For 1,700 Dayan Qigong was kept a secret internal martial art in the Taoist religion, handed down to carefully selected disciples. We are able to enjoy the benefits of Dayan Qigong thanks to the efforts of Grandmaster Yang Mei Jun, the 27th generation heir, and the students that she taught.

This is a series of 6 Classes beginning 1/17/2018. Your Investment of $70 for the 6 week series can be made to Rickie prior to or at the first class. Class size limited to 10 students.